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Carpets are an element of decor very essential for every household. You could put them to use as an element to beautify the outlook of your space. Along with beautifying the area, they carry with themselves the ability to completely transform your place! They make the area into something more comforting, cozy and a place you can call homely. Markets these days sell carpets that are diverse in designs, texture, and quality. While some designs suit the office flooring the best, certain are suited best for household use.


Finding a carpet to suit your needs without compromising on any of the important factors can be a tedious task. Some of us focus on the elegance and uniqueness of design, while some of us choose to look for the cheapest place to buy carpet instead. Given below are a few tips that might come in handy when shopping for the perfect carpet to suit your needs:

What’s the Perfect Size?

Picking out the best-suited size for the carpet can be a little confusing at times. So, how do you decide which one is fit for your space? The most important thing is to make sure the carpet fits the furniture kept over it well. You could opt for smaller, distinct carpets for bedroom areas to create distinct sections. This will bring out more elegance in the decor. For larger spaces like the living room, opt for a large-sized carpet that fits and covers the entire room. This would bring out more elegance in the space.
Which All Spaces Should Have One?

The answer to this question is completely dependent on your liking. According to us, it is wise to pay keen attention to the decor right from the entrance of the house! Buy outdoor mat perfect in design and colour for your place for the start. This would create an excellent first impression for anyone visiting your place. Next, get one for your lobby to create a royal feel. You can have one in the dining area as well as living room for best decor look and appeal.


Remember, It Is the Foundation Element!

Rugs and carpets are the decor elements that we need to begin our interior decoration with. They should be the first elements we buy and not the last ones. The carpets are going to be the foundation for all your furniture and other decor elements. Hence, this is where you begin! Opting for in-trend carpets can be a little pricey. One of the best and cheapest places to buy carpets would be Knox carpets. Here, you get the best in quality as well as latest designs in your budget!


The Perfect Shade

This part can get a bit tricky. The shade you pick for your outdoor mat might not matter much, but the ones you pick for indoor decor need to suit well with the furniture. The idea here is to create the best contrast or pick a carpet that complements your walls as well as furniture. Buy outdoor mats matching the exterior wall paints for a better and appealing look. For the interior, choose light pastel shades if you have dark furniture. If you have white or cream-coloured furniture, you can pick vibrant shades or the classic black with abstract patterns for a perfect look.

Keep Your Lifestyle in Mind

When choosing a carpet for your decor, don’t just blindly go for what appeals to you the best. Consider the kind of lifestyle you have too! If you have young children or pets in the house, it would be a more sensible idea to opt for darker shades. Even more, go for materials that are easier to clean and hide the stains. With kids in the house, you might want to pick out the cheapest place to buy carpets! It is always better to opt for rough and tough, durable varieties in mats and carpets when you have little ones running around the house the entire time!

A Unique Design

Experiment with the looks of your decor. Why settle for the boring solids and florals when you have multiple patterns available in the market? Knox carpets are your go-to place for all the carpeting and flooring needs! It offers the best and latest design options for you to choose from. If you like geometric prints or something more abstract, you have a variety of options here. A great range of different mats and carpets are available right at your fingertips now! Whether you wish to buy outdoor mats or large-sized rugs to cover your floor, you have it all in a single place!

Keep the Foot Traffic into Consideration

How often is your carpet stepped upon? Is the foot traffic too much? It depends on how many times a person tends to use the area where the carpet is placed. For areas in the bedroom, you can opt for light shades and combinations as the place remains relatively cleaner at all times. The only people visiting your bedroom would be you! However, for spaces like a living room, entryway or a lobby, it is smarter to opt for dark colours or abstract prints. These can hide the dirt well and last longer. Opt for Knox Carpets as the most durable and cheapest place to buy carpets.


These were just a few significant tips to keep in mind when deciding upon the ideal carpet for your decor. The number of options available in the market is aplenty! Whether it is the design, size, shape, texture or quality, you have uncountable options in all the categories. Keep a clear mind as to which factor is utmost important for you. Next, pick the best-fit carpet for your decor that fits the budget well. At Knox Carpets, get yourself the perfect carpet for your decor. Let your space be just as beautiful as you imagined it to be. It is undoubtedly the cheapest place to buy carpets, that too online! Get the best at your ease now!