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Saving space in your home with multifunctional furniture today is more than a fashion, it is just and necessary! And it is that every day the constructions, especially the departments; they are smaller, the world shrinks from so many people there! And it is there where a bed cabinet can be the best alternative.

An elegant folding door cabinet that is actually a folding bed. This method of making the most of space is nothing new. But what is new is the variety of options that have been built.

The minimalist and futuristic style being the current trend in decoration; it was no wonder that this type of furniture would dominate the market. For this reason, today at SmartBed we want to tell you everything we have discovered about these beds, join us and learn to choose one with us!

But what exactly is a smartbed?

A traditional bed furniture consists of a structure with a full-length mattress that folds and stores itself; all this while pretending to be an elegant chest of drawers.

When the bed is stored, only one piece of furniture with drawers is visible; but it is actually a fake piece of furniture with maybe two or four really functional drawers.

At least that’s how this great ideal debuted; as an innovative “bed hideaway” that is neatly pulled out to rest on a raised wooden platform.

Although in these first models you can sleep very comfortable with a mattress that is thick and cozy enough; while the robust platform is a great option to keep your guests off the ground.

Traditional “false drawer” designs have been neglected. Its excellent light and dark colored material is undoubtedly a good example that fits with all kinds of current decoration.

However, the furniture-bed has evolved to become the best option for the youngest room; It is no longer something that is limited only to receive guests.

Traditional furniture-beds that are still at the forefront

Although it is really difficult to get a traditional model of furniture-bed made with the same materials that were made 50 years ago; the design concept has been maintained throughout the decades.

A traditional looking piece of furniture will never go out of style; and it will always represent a welcoming experience for our guests. Therefore, here we review a list of those that are currently the most popular.

Sofa bed

First on the list, first in our houses and also the one that occupies the first place within our hearts. Talking about the sofa bed is moving to those moments we spent at Christmas or other important dates with our families.

The sofa itself is a very important piece in such a social environment of the home as it is the living room. However, every person at some point saw how that social gathering space magically became a place for rest.

And, although the sofa bed has been changing in terms of design and size at the time of “transforming”; the concept remains the same:

Give the weary guest a comfortable place to sleep in peace and quiet.

Many contemporary decorations still have the concept of the sofa bed very present among their designs. It doesn’t matter how stylish or luxurious the sofa may look; When we least expect it, that sophisticated model can extend into a sofa bed.

The general idea is to continue preserving the magic, but merging it with the current style that the decorative lines follow in the different styles.

Closet bed

The closet bed or as it is known in some countries showcase bed. It remains in many homes and remains an alternative in excessively small apartments.

Where a sofa is not a luxury but a hindrance due to lack of space; the closet bed stands as a great ally in order to make the most of the available space.

The design still retains the basic idea of ​​when it was originally created. When folded up and the doors closed; It can’t really be said to be a vertical bed behind closet doors.

However, currently wooden doors have been replaced by white doors without handles. Also, it is usually placed along the top of the largest wall; since we are talking about a complete piece of furniture that includes many cabinets and doors.

New generation bed furniture

As we have already mentioned, the new generation of bed furniture are geared towards newer and smaller houses; very especially, to the smallest room.

Maybe this new trend is due to focus on children from a young age to manage their space in the best way. In addition, this type of new-generation bed furniture allows parents to save a significant amount of money; you should not buy a desk or drawers; even some bed furniture allow you to do without a closet.

And how do smartbeds work?

All new generation beds focused on the youngest have two extremely important qualities that represent a breakthrough; both in terms of technology and utility:

  • They are folding
  • They have stabilizers
  • Although these features are easy to read, they actually revolutionized the industry in an incredible way; so, let’s quickly go through each one before continuing.

First of all, the classic “swing” function is maintained. This is a fantastic thing, then; although in the past there was no need to make the most of the space in all the houses; The design itself allowed modern engineers to take storage beds to another level.

Secondly, the new models have stabilizers because the bed is no longer hidden behind a door. Now it works with a reversible configuration.

On one side is the bed and on the other a large, clean and more than functional desk or work space. These workspaces in conjunction with many other items to store office supplies and clothing; they are what have led to the storage beds of the new generation to stardom.

Folding bunk bed with desk

It may be the most popular of the new generation. And it is that, since the bunk beds are not two beds located one above the other.

The new design of the bunk beds is made up of two beds which form a 90º angle designed to be located on two walls of a room.

This design leaves plenty of available space under the top bunk, however; engineering work does not end there. The lower bed is made up of a system that makes it folding; but at the same time, it allows a desktop to be accessed from the bottom.

Our wall beds are suited to your home, apartment, property development, renovation or commercial application. SmartBed gives you back the space you need, or creates that additional guest room.