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It’s normal going out to eat in a Chinese restaurant, without finding near the entrance a huge fish tanks with majestic and huge fish circling inside. The fish tank, in Feng Shui, has a very special importance, and both its design and its location follow the strict and precise rules of this millenary art.

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Why are fish tanks common in Chinese restaurants?

Among the Feng Shui activators, fish tanks are some of the most powerful. In Chinese mythology, the sea, rivers, fisheries and fish have always been associated with wealth, because in the past, all the products of the sea and rivers were an important source of food.

Apart from the symbolic value of prosperity, fish tanks are very important in Feng Shui for activating two factors very effectively:

The water element: for the important volume of water contained in the fish tank

The movement: in Feng Shui the movement activates the type of energy (Qi) that is present, and in the case of a fish tank, the permanent movement of the fish is a very strong activator.

How to choose them?

Fish and fish tanks are currently very fashionable, and it is quite easy to find a specialized store with all types of fish tanks, filters, accessories and of course, fish.

The first rule refers to the size of the tank: as we are working on the water element, it is very important that the tank has a sufficient volume of water:  we recommend at least a volume of 10 to 20 litres, which corresponds to a fish tank little. If you want a bigger model, and if your budget allows it, you can buy without fear the largest of the store, the effect will be more important at the level of Feng Shui!

The shape of the fish tank matters little, and both rectangular and hexagonal are achieved, even some more expensive models have a rounded glass.

The materials used for the construction of the fish tank have their importance: remember that the plastic belongs to the fire element, which collides with the water element. It is preferable to buy a model with glasses.


Traditionally, the amount of fish is 9. But that also depends on the size of the fish tank and the size of the fish! If your fish tank is very large, you can buy for multiples of 9: 18 fish, 27 fish, etc.

If your fish tank has 9 fish, it is recommended that 8 be red or gold and 1 black: red is the transcendental colour of Feng Shui, giving power and strength to the activator, and black is the colour associated with the water element and number 1.

The Arowana, the fish of luck

In China and many Asian countries, a fish called arowana is used, which is attributed magical qualities, among others, to bring wealth to the house. This fish can reach a length of 90 cm, and its price depends of course on its size. They are easily obtained now in Venezuela, but they are expensive.

It is better to reserve this type of fish to large fish tanks, such as fish tanks in Chinese restaurants, where they are frequently found. It is said that the arowanas are very old and very large, and that they have been reared in the house of very prosperous or well-known people, they can reach a price higher than 10,000 dollars!

The accessories:

It is better to avoid excess plastic, at the level of the accessories, and limit yourself to some natural rocks. On the other hand, the plastic bushes are allowed, if they are few, because the true bushes cause the production of fungi very damaging to the good appearance of the fish tank and the health of the fish.

Where to place them?

There are many complicated rules for the location of fish tanks, which need the use of the China Luo Pan compass.

At least it can be said that this year 2005 the South sector of the house, or the South sector of any room of the house are very auspicious and will benefit a lot from the presence of a fish tank.

The rules that apply to the sources also apply to fish tanks:

  • They should not be located on the right side of the entrance door, looking inside out.
  • They should not be placed in the master bedroom, nor in the kitchen or in the bathrooms.
  • They should not be under a ladder.

Choose a fish tank as an energy source

A fish tank is a source of energy. If you want to get the benefits of Feng Shui, you can choose to have a fish tank. This option is ideal for those who want to have a pet at home, but do not have enough time to take care of them. Fish do not require as much care as a cat or a dog. The fish tanks and aquariums represent a true source of wealth: the water in movement next to the fertile dimension of the fish is very effective and symbolic in this sense.

Feng Shui Tips to locate your fish tank

The location is not arbitrary, and if you want to get the desired result you will have to place it in the right place. The most recommended places are the road to or near the entrance. Avoid placing it in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

According to Feng Shui, if you place a fountain in a place where the north is to the right, its action will be beneficial and positive. On the contrary, if you locate the source and the north is left, it can bring you problems in your relationship or with your partners. Use a compass to facilitate cardinal orientation.

To add even more power to your fish tank, choose an appropriate number of fish, that is, a total of nine or its multiples. The number nine represents the accumulation. In turn, when choosing the colour of the fish, look for them according to your goals:

  • Orange coloured fish to attract prosperity and abundance.
  • Red fish to attract power, healing and wealth.
  • Black fish if you are looking for money, wisdom and authority.

Basic care required by a fish tank

The water must always be kept clean and in abundance. Perform a monthly cleaning of the tank and change 70% of the water.

Take into account that if you do a complete cleaning of the fish tank and the objects that make it up, you should not use soaps or detergents: clean everything with hot water since any type of chemical can harm the fish. On the other hand, you must carry out the evaporation of the water, which must be replaced. Always remember to add antichloride. If you have any questions, consult a specialist.

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