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They are one of the most hated insects and now a new study relates their presence to the most disadvantaged sectors of society

Although if it is required these insects can practice cannibalism, cockroaches usually feed mainly on organic debris that, due to carelessness – and even sometimes due to lack of hygiene – we leave people, such as bread or potatoes. The blond or German cockroaches known by the scientific name of Blattella germanica, have become a true plague throughout the world. Narrow, humid and dark places are your favourite, especially if they have human waste availability. And that is why our homes are your favourite places.

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Cockroaches and the less favoured

The presence of these insects is largely related to the segments of the elderly population, and of a low social-economic level. The conclusions were found after interviewing elderly residents and people with some type of physical disability, of 388 apartments in seven buildings of the State of New Jersey. In addition, the scientists checked the conditions of the floors and set traps to catch cockroaches.

Thus, according to the SINC news agency, estimates made by an expert team reveal that in 29% of the homes studied, these insects have been found, a high rate compared to the rest of society. And surprisingly, 35% of residents living with cockroaches were unaware of their presence. For researchers, this fact is alarming because lack of awareness allows cockroaches to reproduce, contaminate food, spread to other neighbours, deposit allergens that can affect human health and reduce future pest control efforts.

Kitchens and bathrooms, breeding grounds

The study has shown that hygiene in kitchens and bathrooms is directly related to the presence of cockroaches. Thus, the team found that in apartments with a poor rating in the sanitary facilities of kitchens and bathrooms they were 2.7 times more likely to have cockroaches than cleaner apartments.

In addition, residents who are more lenient with cockroaches also had higher rates of plague and greater numbers of these insects in their homes. For researchers, it is necessary to improve the control of cockroaches in these buildings and this will require educating about the dangers of infestation and helping people improve the cleanliness of their homes.

Why cockroaches are becoming resistant to insecticides (and why we should worry)

These little insects prefer to live in the cities where they find everything they need to spread. As if it is not enough for cockroaches to be one of the fastest living beings on our planet, they are now becoming resistant to insecticides.


For years, attempts have been made to control the population of these insects by chemicals.Recently scientists from Purdue University in Indiana, USA, published a study that indicates that cockroaches are developing resistance to insecticides.

Generally, a chemical agent is used to fight cockroach pests, and if that is not effective, try another, or even make a cocktail of substances to kill them. According to the researchers, the German cockroach (Blattella germanica L.), which is one of the most widespread pests in cities around the world, showed resistance to several insecticides.

Chemists remain the first option to counteract pests

Scientists experimented with pesticides that are for sale to the public and some that are used by fumigation companies. In their study they used an edible version of those pesticides that attracted cockroaches, Ameya D. Gondhalekar, one of the authors of the study published in Scientist Report, told BBC World.

Why there are more and more cockroaches and flies while the butterflies and bees become extinct. No research had been conducted on whether cockroaches were creating resistance. One of the most surprising findings was that the next generation of cockroaches that were exposed to the edible pesticide had already created resistance.

The scientists rotated the use of insecticides in their samples to see if they could prevent them from creating resistance, but it was impossible.

Increase of pests and damage to health

For experts, the resistance that these insects develop to insecticides will make it increasingly difficult to control pests. Therefore, health risks will increase due to the diseases that these organisms propagate.

Stool (from cockroaches) can produce allergens that can trigger asthma attacks and also some other allergic reactions such as rhinitis or other allergic respiratory reactions.

The 3 oldest infectious diseases that continue to affect Latin America

These insects usually prefer places where there are foods such as kitchen surfaces, shelves or stoves, so they can spread pathogens from salmonella and E. coli, which cause severe stomach problems and diarrhea.

Scientists agree that cockroach control will depend on the development of cities and their ability to deal with pests. Those places with fewer resources will face more problems to fight these insects.

How can the pest be controlled?

Cockroaches are city insects. Buildings and huge trash cans are the perfect homes for these creatures.

When an insecticide stops working, another one is usually created to replace it, but it takes time to create an effective formula. That is why expert propose a series of basic measures to prevent at least the cockroaches from colonizing your home.

Proper cleaning inside the house could prevent cockroaches from creating an ecosystem suitable for their existence.

-Clean frequently the areas where dust, heat, or food debris can accumulate

-Do not use the same insecticide over and over again. If the pest problem is not resolved after one application, the next one must be with a new chemical, otherwise they will create resistance

Keep in mind that most of these conditions started with an uncontrollable pest that attacked a place. Avoid pests from being installed where you live and contact Brisbane Terminator today, we will know what to do.