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In this modern age, there are a lot of carpet and flooring issues. People visit new and new places on a regular basis. As the number of people at a single place increases, the traffic increases. This is what is known as foot traffic. This might be a pedestrian or even an indoor establishment.


Even though high foot traffic might mean success and a good fortune for a lot of people, the wear and tear it causes to the place cannot be ignored.


  • High Foot Traffic Areas and How Do They Affect the Place

Most of the retail shops and owners want their business to be in a place which has a lot of traffic. This way their sales and profits will be higher, and they will be able to scale. As the traffic at a place increases, the things in that particular area is damaged. Especially the carpet and flooring are affected majorly.


The wear and tear to the floor by the movement and people as well as goods can be expensive trouble. But, how do we keep our floors and areas safe and last for a longer time? This is where the use of a good quality carpet can come in handy.

  • The Importance of a Good Quality Carpet

It is crucial that we decorate our place properly so that it is visually attractive to the guests and the people visiting. However, the best-looking carpet might not be the best choice for your high traffic environment. Places like hallways, corridors, lobbies, etc. are very much used by a lot of people. These places can be easily damaged by frequent movement. Therefore, one should opt for a carpet that can take up heavy traffic and still have the quality and strength. Decisions about carpet and flooring should be taken cautiously to make sure you do not end up replacing your carpet in no time.


But what is a good carpet for these high traffic areas? Let us see the perfect options that we have.


  • Best High Traffic Carpets
    • Wool Fibres

Carpets that are made out of wool fibres last for a longer duration. They are natural carpets that are both fire and stain resistant. Wool fibre is not easily crushed, and it does not lose its shape. However, the price of this natural carpet might be a little expensive. But, for the luxurious feel and good durability, the carpet can be a perfect choice.

  • Twisted Fibres

There are carpets which have twisted fibres. These carpets are called frieze and have fibres which are very short in length. These carpets are not only durable, but they make the cleaning process a whole lot easier. Using a good quality material will the keep the carpet and flooring intact.


  • Short Pile

These short pile carpets are rugs that are less than 2cm in length. These short pile carpets are one of the best solutions to your carpet and flooring issues. Due to their small size of fibres, the carpets aren’t easily compressed. These carpets have high strength and durability and can maintain their appearance even after a lot of people have walked-on on the carpet. Short pile carpets are the go-to choice for anyone who has a small budget to protect the flooring of a place.


We have checked out the types of carpets that can be used to maintain the condition of your place. However, the flooring plays a crucial part especially when we are dealing with a high traffic place.


  • Types of Flooring for High Traffic Areas

Here are a few options to ensure that your carpet and flooring is in good condition even years later.


  • Lamination

The easiest option of all is to get your floor laminated. You can select different types of laminations which will give your flooring a completely different look compared to others. Some laminates are easy to maintain and both scratch and spill resistant. Lamination can enhance the appearance of your carpet and flooring.


  • Bamboo

The best part of using bamboo as your flooring material is the natural look. It is more durable than timber and will sustain a high traffic environment. The maintenance required for a bamboo floor is way less than any alternative.


  • Timber

Timber is an option that a lot of people go with due to its classic and tough appearance. However, timber can be a little expensive when compared to other materials.

People who are looking for a royal carpet and flooring appearance, timber is the perfect option. Moreover, it is a material that will withstand any traffic.


  • Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl provides the house owners with a wide variety of options. It is available in a lot of colours and designs. You can get a vinyl flooring which is a woody or a stone appearance, and it will be just as tough. It is cheap, and the maintenance cost is barely any. When it comes to durable materials for your flooring needs, vinyl is the option you should go with.


These were a few flooring options that you can choose if you live in a heavy traffic area. These carpet and flooring options will ensure you do not end up spending a fortune of your flooring. However, carpet and flooring is something you should choose wisely if you do not want to replace it time after time. But, where can you buy the best carpet and flooring?


  • Knox Carpets: The Best Flooring Solution

Knox Carpets provides you with flooring solutions that are reliable and affordable at the same time. Be it for any occasion, and we have the solution for that. If you are looking to cover your heavy traffic area, jump on our carpet and flooring options to have the best and durable carpets and floors.

With us, you can find a wide variety of carpet and flooring options which are durable. Get the carpet and flooring as per your house décor and invite people without a worry!