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Birthday parties are most of the times events that kids expect for long. Most kids dream about their next birthday party full of food, cake, friends, music and fun things to do. They cannot be blamed for liking parties, most people love celebrating life and turning 6, 7, 8 or 9 years old is a very important event in their lives. For this reason, celebrating along with them and preparing a surprise or just a casual meeting with their friends at a place they can all enjoy a fun afternoon together can make your kid very happy.
It is recommendable to wait until your kid is 3 or 4 years old, when they can finally enjoy their birthday parties since at the age of 1 or 2 they are too little and do not understand what is happening around them. Kids tend to be afraid of loud music, people clapping and yelling and clowns cannot be such a pleasant surprise for them. To sum up, if you organise a party for your kid that is only 1 or 2 years old he or she will most likely spend the whole party crying.
However, once they are aware of what a party is, they enjoy it very much and it is like a dream come true for them. Parties never go out of fashion and they are an excellent option to cheer up any kid in any situation.
The type of celebration also depends on the traditions and lifestyle of each family. After all, it is a way of remembering the day that the child came to this world. It is necessary for children to feel and know that they are growing. Birthdays also serve as a way to strengthen kid’s identity. Through photographs and videos, children can immortalise memories and recognise themselves in different situations. It is also a good opportunity to point out your achievements and what was learned over the years. Another very important point is to have the children participate in the organisation of the birthday party. Choose who to invite and how to celebrate it. Prepare the invitations, and so, year after year, each birthday will be different and special.
The first steps to organise the birthday party should be taken in advance. From the age of 3 or 4, it is convenient that you listen to the opinions of the children, so that they can express their wishes and illusions. Together, you can decide what kind of party they want, who they want to invite, what they are going to eat, and what kind of activity or game they want to do.

5 Steps to Prepare a Children’s Birthday Party

1- Determine the day when the party will take place. With the calendar in hand, look at what day you can celebrate the birthday party and mark it.
2- Choose the place, if you will rent a place then make it a priority and if not, then think about how to do it at home. You can have birthday party in a specialised place, such as a ball park, an amusement park or a private swimming pool.
3- Guests, how many and who. Prepare or fill out the invitations. Children love to participate in the preparation of the invitations and deliver them to the guests.
4- Snacks, appetisers, sweets… And cake!
5- Games and decoration (in the case that you decide to do it by yourself, otherwise you can hire people to do it).
Budgets for children parties do not need to be huge, preparing a party does not require extraordinary expenses or major projects. We must adapt the party to the economic possibilities of each and enjoy it as it should be enjoyed. Remember that what is important is that your child has fun at the party and enjoy it a lot.
A personalised birthday party
If you have opted for a picnic in the countryside, choose the place and then, if you are located away from the urban centre, draw a map so that guests can find it. Prepare a variety of snacks, something for the aperitif, and some chocolates and sweets for dessert, and do not forget the drinks. You will need a thermos to keep them cold. Remember that the parents will also go to the meeting, a couple of cocktails may be fine. To entertain the children, take some ropes so they can jump them, and propose some games suitable for the field.
If you have chosen to make the birthday by the pool, you just have to prepare a meal that children like, and ask them to bring their swimsuits, sunscreen, flip-flops and all their equipment for pools. You can spend the whole morning playing in the pool, and then enjoy a good meal with birthday cake for dessert.
If you have chosen to have the birthday party in some room inside or outside the house, the ideal thing to do is to limit the invitations. It is difficult to control twenty children in a house. Ideally, they were at most ten children. You can temporarily reallocate things inside the room, remove objects that can be broken, and leave as much space as possible.
Games at birthday parties
Make a list with your child of the games that he or she usually play with their friends. Usually, from the age of 3 to 9, they like the game of the chair, colouring, painting t-shirts, little blindfold, dancing contest, the shoe behind, the statue game, and many others.
Another option is to hire an entertainment service for the birthday. There are many offers in the animation market. You can find clowns, fairy tales, magicians, scientists, or characters like Peter Pan, Fairies, Goblins, who love children. If children are very young they require constant guidance and presence. But from the age of five, it would be better to leave them alone, although they were carefully monitored with some well-defined limits.
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