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Do not you know how to calculate the money you need for your link? Do not worry. Today we will give you some key tips to make an accurate approximation of the amount of money you would spend in a wedding. We understand how important it is to have the wedding of your life.

The wedding dress, the food, the open bar, the decoration, the wedding details … There is no doubt that getting married is a great expense for all couples. Therefore, when you start to organise your link, the first question that comes to your head is “how much will it cost?”. There is no definitive answer, because there are no two weddings alike and, without doubt, each couple is a world. Within our portal and app, one of the great tools you will find is a budget calculator. Here at My Ideal Wedding we provide you with everything you need for a memorable wedding that will leave everyone surprised.

There you can capture what estimated cost you assign to each game. As you choose the different providers it is also important that you write down the actual final price. This way you will know how far you go from what is intended and how much you should adjust the other elements. Find out what average cost each item has. You will see how it is easier than it seems!

  1. The ceremony

The first question you have to ask yourself is if you want a civil or religious ceremony. Depending on your answer, you will have one cost or another. You cannot estimate exactly how much it will be since, for example, it does not cost the same to get married in one church or another. Surely it will be a magical place where to say “yes, I want”!

  1. The banquet

The wedding banquet is, without a doubt, the game to which more money is destined. The average price of a covered can range from 90 to 150 dollars, although of course you can find prices above and below this figure. Taking the average price of 120 dollars, a banquet for about 100 guests would leave for 12,000 dollars. It is also important that you take into account the rental of space and furniture if it is not included in the catering.

  1. Photo and video

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so it is not surprising that another game that takes a big pinch of your budget is the photo report. It can cost you between 1500 and 2000 dollars and to that we must add the video of your wedding, which will be between 700 and 1000 dollars more. It may seem expensive, but in exchange one of the best days of your life will be forever immortalised.

  1. Music

There are two very important moments in which music will be the perfect companion. One is in the ceremony, because the musical pieces will mark the entrances and exits of the altar, creating the perfect environment so that those present get excited at every step you take. The estimated cost is about 100 dollars. Another key point is the banquet. There you can opt for a DJ or live music. The money destined to this game can be around 600 dollars.

  1. Wedding invitations

When you want to communicate the link to your loved ones there are many details to take into account: the beautiful design, the romantic texts for wedding invitations, the thickness of the paper … It is estimated that the cost will be between 180 and 200 dollars.

  1. Wedding details

When choosing how you will thank your loved ones you will find many different options. Normally it is destined between 200 and 300 dollars. One possibility that increasingly attracts the couple is the details of solidarity wedding. They will transform this expense into a profit.

  1. Flowers and decoration

This item includes each of those elements that will make up the decoration of your day B. The floral details bring colour and life to the link and are perfect to create a harmonious image, as they will all go hand in hand with the spectacular and delicate natural bridal bouquet.

  1. Transportation

This point is optional. It will vary depending on where the big day will be celebrated and if transportation is necessary so that the guests can move. You can also include this section if you rent a vintage car or motorbike for your arrival at the ceremony. It is a perfect option to start big on the big day!

  1. Jewellery

In this game your elegant and incredible alliances will be included. Its price usually moves around 500 dollars. You can also include the price of the deposit, which will be about 70 dollars.

  1. Bride and accessories

The wedding dress is undoubtedly another of the great investments of the wedding. Today the offer is very wide and you can find a wide range of prices, although the average price of the dress is about 2000 dollars. It will also contemplate the original and precious bridal shoes and any other complement that is part of the elegant bridal outfit: lingerie, capes, veils.

  1. Boyfriend and accessories

This section includes each of the elements that will be part of the magnificent look of the groom, there are many prices for wedding suits, although they move between 800 dollars. In addition, you will have to add the cost of the shoes, the tie or another alternative, the vest and the shirt.

  1. Beauty and health

The hairdresser who will make the incredible hairstyles for curly hair, makeup that will leave you gorgeous … All this and any other theme related to the beauty of the bride and groom will be included in this game. The average cost is about 190 dollars.

Remember that for planning your wedding, an excellent option is to use our online wedding planner so you can easily achieve the wedding you have always wanted.