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If you are preparing your 25th wedding anniversary and you want everything to come to order by word of mouth, you can read our silver wedding ideas and count on our artists. It will be a spectacular event!

25 years. 25 long and happy years, full of emotions, moments, ups and downs, joys and much, much fun. Although they have sometimes fallen into the routine, the momentary escapes and the surprises that you have done to each other have maintained the ardor of the couple that had from the first day you dressed.

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A party for a unique moment in life

The 25th anniversary of a marriage is a unique event in life and increasingly rare to see with the growing idea of ​​marriage that prevails in our society. That is why you have to make it an unrepeatable day and share it with your people and family. For starters… why not surprise your partner with a spa session or hire a string quartet so they can receive a personalized breakfast in bed? There is nothing better than starting your anniversary day joyous and full of excitement!

Of course, you have to celebrate with yours, so it is common to celebrate a banquet at noon. You can find a good restaurant and entertain the evening with an illusionist or a magician who fills the participants of one of the most important days of your life with enthusiasm… You have been married to that person for 25 years and you want everyone to know how much the you still want!

And to set a string quartet or a good DJ to put the rhythm on the dance floor so you can look great together with your partner. Other options are choral groups or music bands, especially if it is one of your favorites or a tribute band.

Aspects that you should not neglect as your silver anniversary

There are some aspects that at parties, regardless of their nature, must be clear and prepared to satisfy the guests. Food is one of them. Surely, if you have scheduled the event to enjoy an evening in a restaurant, you will have to solve that issue, but in case you have rented a premises, the most elegant solution is a catering. These services are designed for your guests to enjoy an evening with the support of a professional and quality service. Other silver wedding ideas.

The drink that is not lacking either, although, of course, it is a party with a not excessively lively cut in which, in addition, there will be children and people will probably drive afterwards to return home. Therefore, it will be necessary to give more weight to non-alcoholic beverages, such as soft drinks, juices and teas, not without leaving aside champagne, a classic in these events to be able to toast the happy marriage.

And to our tips to liven up the evening we can add that of hiring a monologist. The monologists are the professionals of the banal and the absurd, some alchemists who make the day-to-day disaster turn into a rain of laughter. You can also tell them a bit about your life or some family anecdote so that he, in a comical way, transmits them to start a laugh to the audience. If you want your guests to have a good taste in the mouth, a monologist is the ideal complement for your silver anniversary.

Your silver anniversary for the memory of all

To end the banquet and the evening with your closest friends … What better than to prepare a great surprise for your partner? Among the best ideas for silver weddings, a good fireworks festival when the night has come or a show with juggling in a dark tenor and with phosphorescent lights can be the icing on the cake that will be engraved on the retina of the attendees.

In addition, so that the reminiscences of your silver weddings in the future are clearer, it is advisable to hire a photographer or a photo booth service to do a report on the gala, as long as the budget allows it. Imagine 10 years from now, with your grandchildren, looking at those photos and remembering all those anecdotes that your partner and you have had during those 25 years. Beautiful, sensational and delicious.

A personal gift to close your silver anniversary

Of course, the evening is an important part but the silver anniversary is a thing of two. Remember to close the night with a romantic evening, for which you can hire a pianist to entertain a very simple dinner in the place where you had your first date. Afterwards, you can take a walk and remember your request. There are those who return to validate their marriage vows before God or the entity that supervised the marriage, it is a good idea, since, after all … What better than to celebrate those 25 years than with a simulation of a different wedding and more intimate?

Finally, remember that you enjoy your silver anniversary and we hope that you continue to celebrate your partner’s birthday and continue to maintain that spirit that characterizes and unites you. If you follow our ideas for silver weddings everything will be great … And remember that if you need us to help you out, all you have to do is publish your event on our website.

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