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Because we love flowers and because they already feel like it, here is the definitive guide to fill your home with life. The reasons, the varieties and the care that will make you ally yourself with Mother Nature.

We know that many of you are specialists and you have (you also maintain) spectacular gardens that could well become the cover of our May issue, but we are also sure that there are countless of you (we apply it) tired of all of you dying and each of the plants that you put at home. In the gallery that accompanies these lines, the definitive guide with the 10 varieties of plants that will best survive in your home.

As surely you have given up and are accumulating artificial flowers in vases of the year of the polka, today we come to say enough! and also to bring you the reasons why you should try again one more time. We started.

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Spring begins and it is the best time to discover all the benefits (in addition to a precious touch of color and life) that plants and flowers bring to our homes and, if that were not enough, to our lives. Here they go:

  1. Oxygenation

Although they do not photosynthesize at night and consume oxygen by expelling carbon dioxide, the work they do throughout the day turns the balance into a positive balance and they fill the room with purified air.

  1. Relax

Its color (almost always green) and its beauty affect in a super positive way the mood of the inhabitants of the house. They cause a feeling of well-being and harmony that has nothing to envy to that of a yoga class.

  1. Balance

Not only the environment, which they purify, but also the temperature, reducing it in the summer months and producing heat in the colder ones. Not forgetting noise, since they act as a screen against external sounds in the smallest and most closed places.

  1. Hydrate

With their daily activity they humidify the air, making our skin acquire an extra hydration of up to 5%.

  1. Activate

They not only do it with the circulation of air and humidity in the space, but also increase the performance, efficiency and concentration of people making them more active. They are, therefore, perfect candidates to occupy a space in the workplace or study.

  1. Purify

They renew the air by purifying and improving it by reducing pollution. They do this by absorbing harmful gases, smoke and also the presence of dust.

  1. They live (double)

Many of the varieties suitable for home care have medicinal properties (such as aloe vera) or serve to spice up food (such as rosemary).

  1. Decorate

And, of course, they are the perfect companions to our designer furniture. They are capable of lifting any corner, both for their color in spring and for their energy the rest of the year.

And, if that still seems little to you, you can take a look at the gallery of images to delight yourself and choose the varieties that will best fit in your home. Because yes, spring is coming and this season green is once again the new black.

The 7 indoor plants that will survive

  1. Ficus lyrata

It is a large tree, with shiny and majestic leaves and perfectly adapted to indoor cultivation. It comes from Africa and is perfect for large and tall rooms.

  1. Cactus

They are ideal for planting in clay and ceramic pots. They need an average temperature between 7º and 20º and it is better not to water them when it is low. The land must be dry between watering and watering and keep them always illuminated and, if possible, ventilated.

  1. Air plants

It comes from the south of Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. Its natural habitat is desert and supports dry and very hot climates. It grows slowly and is very popular due to its low need for care.

Ideal for spaces where abundant air circulates and sunlight reaches indirectly. You just have to spray water on it once or twice a week so that it lasts up to 15 years in perfect condition.

  1. Aloe vera

Popular not only for its interior suitability, but also for its medicinal and beautifying virtues. It is born in the northwest of Africa and is perfect to use as a healing or soothing of burns.

  1. Jade tree

The Jade tree is native to southern Africa from the succulent family and produces small white star-shaped flowers when blooming. When it is in full sun, the edges of its leaves turn red giving it a touch of color.

  1. Moss terrarium

15 of 20 It is not difficult to understand the popularity that these types of terrariums have acquired lately. As if it were a miniature garden, it is ideal to keep at home without worrying too much about maintaining its beauty.

  1. Alevilla orchid

It is one of the most beautiful plants in the world and perhaps also the best known due to its ease of care as an indoor plant. Its poles with clusters of flowers can last 2 to 3 months. Although they are native to southern China, India, the Philippines or northern Australia, among others, they can be found today anywhere in the world.

No direct sun, but lots of light. And watering adjusted to the temperature conditions: more frequent in summer and less in winter, when it rests after flowering. If you prevent the soil from puddling and give it a privileged place in the house, it can last up to 10 years blooming each season.

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