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Make popcorn the old-fashioned way. The popcorn machine is vintage and we can take it wherever you want, your birthday, your communion, wedding, etc.

The classic style of the fair cart will be the hit of every party. In each batch you can prepare about 20 cups of hot and freshly made popcorn. Its vintage look reminds us of those in silent movie theaters and the times of the circus of 1900.

And it is not only to see it and eat the popcorn, but so that they can learn to make them the youngest ones.

Remember that having popcorns in your party will give it a personal touch, you can try with Daiquiri Hire Melbourne, you can hire one of our popcorn machines.  We also rent many other types of machines that can help you boost any kind of celebration and make it memorable for you, your friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. Call us now!

Cotton candy machine

We have several machines of different designs, retro, vintage and modern, to make your parties sweeter. They will learn to make cotton candy with different methods (colored and sugar candies).

If you think that a snack cannot be tasty as well as healthy and almost calorie-free, you are wrong! We present you one!

Nowadays more and more people are concerned about eating a healthy diet and are looking for those who consume to be high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals; Well, popcorn is perfect to prevent premature aging, not only because of its antioxidants but also because they are a great natural source of polyphenols, so much so that it even exceeds the levels contained in many fruits. On the other hand, although it is not in a large proportion, it is worth mentioning that they also provide us with some fiber.

A very healthy snack

But, for popcorn to really be a healthy snack there is a secret that should not be overlooked and that is that you should not buy them packaged neither in the supermarket, nor in the cinema, or anywhere else. These contain preservatives, dyes and other additives that do not add quality to your intake, so you can give yourself permission to taste and eat delicious popcorn but do it yourself!

For example, you can buy organic corn in bulk or otherwise some package in an herbalist and then add a handful to a pan or pot with a lid. Previously we place a tablespoon of coconut oil or one of ghee (clarified butter), then with the fire at the maximum we begin to move the pan to prevent the popcorn from burning. They will start to jump, so it is important to keep it covered and then when we hear the noise stop, then we remove the pan and set it aside to cool down a bit (not quite).

If you make popcorn in this way and without using the microwave you will get a healthy snack also for your children, but it is not convenient to eat too much as they can cause inflammation. The truth is that popcorn can also work as an excellent nutritive snack, as long as the person eating it does not add too much salt to the bucket. With an approximate of 30 grams of popcorn you can easily control anxiety attacks and keep your diet balanced. A great choice!


Sugar cotton, the sweet that brings you back to a child

Today we are going to discover the history of the birth of cotton candy, the undisputed king of fairs and amusement parks, and that was born much earlier than you can imagine.

Do not give it more laps, for children there is nothing better than a good cotton candy stick with which to smear their faces between play and play. All of us, at least once in our lives (only one?) Ate it, without caring about ingesting sugar and dyes in their purest form. But do you know who invented that fluffy pink cloud? And how is it accomplished?

French evidence attests that in the eighteenth century in Europe and in the fourteenth century in Venice there was already a candy similar to cotton candy, but handmade, and therefore very expensive and within the reach of a few nobles. Today, cotton candy, as we know it, was invented by, let’s see, think a little, William Morrison, a dentist from Nashville, Tennessee, and his pastry friend John Wharton, in 1897.

This pair of friends who love various sweets and candies created the electric candy machine that would make us famous until the 1904 World Exhibition of St. Louis, Missouri was presented. At that time, its inventors called cotton candy, the fairy floss, or what is the same, fairy thread, and it was so successful that they managed to sell up to 68,655 packages at $ 0.25 each. Shortly after, the stick went around the world, also reaching Europe. It goes without saying that he was enthusing the children and the not so children, who became crazy and in a short time you could find him at all the fairs and popular parties.

There is something for everyone

One of the advantages of cotton candy is the fact that it is a relatively low calorie and light sweet, let’s not forget that to make a single portion a small amount of sugar is enough and that 70% of what will come out will be made of air. In addition to air and sugar, there are colorants and flavors: the color of what in the United States calls Cotton Candy is generally pink, given the slight strawberry flavor that it normally has, but the cotton candy artisans have not stopped there and They have used all the colors of the rainbow, light blue, yellow and violet and have combined them with other less classic flavors such as bell pepper, banana, coconut and mint.

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