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Have you made up your mind to install external venetian blinds at your house? If you have then it is best to continue reading so that you may know certain facts which will help you to install them.

From where to buy them

You may know that you can use such window shades so as to guard the sun rays from entering your room and it will help you to have a comfortable atmosphere inside. They are available in different shape, sizes and design. You can easily have them from store both online and general stores and have then installed at your place.

The necessary steps for installation of these blinds

  • The first step is to remove the hardware that were used to install the drapery or the curtains that were previously used. These hardware need to be removed so that you do not face any kind of difficulty while installing the new blinds.
  • The next step is to keep the brackets that will be used to mount these blinds in the right place. As you keep them so you need to mark the position so that you can make holes which will keep them in position.
  • The further step that you must follow is to drill holes at the marked places. You must use quality drilling machine to do so as to make perfect holes. You must remove any debris that is formed while the holes are done. If you have a wide window then you need to have a bracket at the middle for providing proper support.
  • You should then fix the bracket at the right place where the holes are made. Large screws should be used to tighten them into position.
  • Yu should then fasten the front side of the hear rails of the window blind onto the brackets. The rear side of the head rail should then be fixed and then place the blinds onto them.
  • You must them check whether the blinds are opening and closing in the proper manner.

The maintenance that you must take for proper functionality

The blinds must be maintained properly so that they remain functional and enhance the décor of your house.

  • Regular dusting is required so that dust does not accumulate on to the blinds. The dusting should be done with a soft feather duster so that it does not impart any damage to the slates of the blind.
  • Though not frequently sometimes it is good to wash them with mild soap water. The slats should be cleaned on both the sides and they should be properly dried before they are again fitted.
  • You can use your vacuum cleaner also to clean the dirt that may have accumulated upon the blinds.

Doing a proper maintenance will help to keep the blinds functional for linger years. It is useless to have these blinds if they are not maintained properly as because then it will be not in a position to serve its purpose.