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69_Wild Hair Tamer – 125ml

We bet your biggest hair problem during humid weather is frizzy hair. Even if you go to your hairstylist for getting the treatments done, and try all anti-frizz methods, natural or chemical, frizz always shows its face again. During summers too, hair crave extra attention, they require extra hydration and nourishment. Hence, hair strands are ready to absorb all moisture from the surroundings. And when you apply the best products for frizzy hair it, you see the frizz has disappeared!

Why does frizz hair occur?

One question that might arise here is, why does frizz occur even when you take utmost care of your hair? Frizz occurs because the outermost layer of the hair, i.e. the cuticle, rises up, which allows the moisture to pass through and swell the hair strands. This results in the dry and frizzy appearance of your hair and its smoothness are lost. Usually, people with curly hair suffer from this problem. As curly hair get more dehydrated than straight hair and hence, leaving the hair with puffy appearance.

Whether you have curly hair, or straight hair, dry hair or oily hair, fighting frizz has always been a constant battle. Especially, when all the root causes point towards changing the weather. However, keeping your hair frizz-free is still possible by taking up certain products like hair conditioner bars. This will help you to gain control over your hair again and make them smooth and healthy. There are many nourishing and hair smoothening formulas which work to moisturise, protect, and repair your hair from all kinds of damage that have occurred.

How to sort out the frizz?

Even when you go to a salon and try all methods your hairstylist recommends you, and you don’t feel satisfied because you know, frizz is a stubborn problem, and would definitely come back. Unless you have got the best products for your frizzy hair in your hand, you will feel this stress. The right deep conditioning treatment can transform and improve your hair quality. Also, it can help in promoting hair growth and the eruption of new hair follicles on your scalp. It can also work on the flexibility of your hair and increasing its strength so that they cannot break from the middle or fall from the roots.

It is understood if you are confused about your frizz and its solutions, and which brands to buy or not buy. But don’t worry, we bring you the four most effective conditioning treatments to help you combat your frizzy hair. These are the most affordable ways possible.

#1 Deep Conditioner Overall

Deep hair conditioner bars provide the best frizzy hair treatment which turns dry and damaged hair to healthy, soft, and smooth hair. It also provides improved quality. Choosing a deep conditioner which has argan oil as one of its ingredients is necessary. It works well with other essential oils and provides necessary vitamins and nutrients to your hair for their better growth and frizz-free look.

Argan oil is considered as one of the best products for frizzy hair as it deep conditions the hair along with taking care of its damage and dryness. Such conditioner not only improves hair quality, but also detangles, hydrates, and gives the hair a whole new look. It also works on all hair types, including curly hair, straight hair, dry hair, etc.

#2 Deep Conditioning Hair Oil

Hair oils are thought to be one of the best products for treating frizzy hair. Hence, oils which condition the hair deeply should always be preferred. Such oils not only hydrate the hair but also strengthen it and repair all damage. It is a recommended hair treatment for controlling frizz and flyaways. Deep cleaning oils contain anti-oxidants like argan oil along with vitamin-rich linseed extracts. These help in smoothening of broken and damaged strands.

Just like hair conditioner bar, these oils hydrate and nourish the hair from deep within. They also prevent future damage to hair by heating tools and rods.

#3 Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

A deep hair conditioning mask not only strengthens dry and damaged hair but also makes it soft and shiny, with full hydration. Hair masks can be made at home using certain essential oils. The home-made hair conditioning masks are the best products for treating frizzy hair. They work on all hair types, like cold-treated, permed, coloured, curly, etc.

The hair mask contains argan oil, along with mineral oils and nutrients to nourish and protect hair from damage. It restores the hair volume, with all shine and lustre. The best part about using a hair mask is that it takes only 5-6 minutes to show its effect. Such masks are affordable and strengthen and moisturise the hair from inside.

#4 Hair Serum for frizzy hair

Using hair serum to treat frizzy hair is the most common and affordable way. Serums rejuvenate the frizzy and curly hair in a proper way that they look smooth and soft again and become manageable. After hair conditioner bars, hair serum is considered the best products to treat frizzy hair.

Hair serums which contain argan oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil, are the preferred ones to use. These oils work their best on frizzy and curly hair. They are water soluble and can be brushed out easily. They provide the nourishment to hair deeply and hence, give stronger results.

Where can you find the best solution for frizzy hair?

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