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An event that is destined for the release of a product, is a corporate event where the objective is that the product that is presented and released, lingers in the conscious of the attendees, throughout the event and after it.
In addition to this basic objective, other secondary benefits are sought and found, such as fostering relationships between company managers and attendees, and reinforcing the corporate brand and image through its institutional promotion during the event.
The release of a product involves a whole process, and the event itself is the most important tool among the different communication and dissemination actions that will be used as a strategy. Depending on the type of product and what the business is looking forward to achieve with its release will help to determine the type of event that will be a better choice.
It is important to always put in the place of the guests, to verify that the information flows appropriately, that the message is understandable and its diffusion is efficient. Guests’ satisfaction is of critical importance when looking to cement an idea in their minds.
If it is the release of a new product, it has as a great starting point and it is that it can be presented as a true innovation. This has to be exploited at maximum in order to impact all ways of communication.

Product Release Protocol

Reception of guests and journalists
Speech: a brief opening speech with a lot of relevant content is required. This can be done by a senior manager of the company.
Presentation: it is highly recommended to do it using images as supporting material and / or institutional videos. Next to the presentation, depending on the product perform a demonstration of the product.
Cocktails or Formal Dinner: make your guests feel welcomed, hand them something delicious so they can enjoy your presentation better.
Business gifts and closing: gifts that help you rise the corporate image of your business. Remember the closing is as important as the opening, you have to leave the audience looking for more on next product releases.

9 Aspects to take care of for a Successful Product Release

Goals: define the objectives that you want to achieve with the release. Determine who the target is, and thus know who to invite. Plan and define the various activities that will be presented at the release event.
Budget: make sure you are clear about the budget available, since that will determine your limitations regarding the type of activities you can plan, gifts you can give, etc.
Location: find the ideal location. Lounges from hotels are ideal for launching, they all have the necessary resources to carry out any type of event. Museums and traditional buildings are also an excellent alternative.
Date: determine the date, time and style expected for the event. The duration should not exceed 2 hours. Generally not more than half an hour to talk about the product, and the rest of the time will be devoted to public relations and generate a meeting climate.
Invitations: define the number of attendees and create the guest list. Guests will generally be potential clients, business partners, collaborating entities and other interested guests, along with the media.
Define the design of the invitations, and send them 30 days in advance. It is important to request confirmation of attendance, and with two days’ notice, the attendance of all the guests can be confirmed.
Dissemination: make an adequate dissemination plan. Although the event is limited to invitations, a press conference will be a good institutional support, and will reinforce the interest and attractiveness towards the product to be launched. Here at POYO we can help you spread the voice and find as many attendees as you look forward to have.
Suppliers: select the necessary services and their suppliers. Define the catering service to be offered: a formal meal, or a cocktail and some refreshments as a more informal option.
The presentation and release of the product itself, should be given in the middle of the event. Provide snacks and drinks to be served from the outset, so that people who arrive on time can eat something while interacting with others, and those who must leave before the end of the event do not miss the main reason for the call.
Business Gifts: if provided, choose and define business gifts. Upon completion, samples or originals can be offered, depending on the type of product. It will complement very well a fine brochure describing and providing more product information, along with a gift for each guest.
Some generic gift alternatives are pen drives, laser pointers, pens, or mugs, always with the brand of the new printed product.
Highlight the product: highlighting the product is one of the most relevant points, so that it is remembered and retained by all attendees during and after the event:

    • It is vital to choose the perfect place, as it will be the place where the new product will be presented and exposed.
    • The product or service to be launched should always be the centre of attraction.
    • Through creativity, it will be possible to enhance and exalt the motivation of the public.
    • To achieve the objective, visual effects, screens, lights, aromas and colours can be incorporated, using very attractive materials that are available in the market and which cost is not significant.
    • Music will also be a key component in the effects of attracting and retaining attention to the product.
    • It is important that the logo and the colours of the brand are well represented in the setting and decoration of the place.
    • The use of projections of the logo on screens, lighting game of lighting and then leaving it dark, decoration with LED light bulbs, among many other alternatives, will help generate the impact sought.
    • The stage design may include a panel with the business’ logo that, to the brand must be shown in photos, videos and be clearly visible and positioned.
    By keeping this recommendations in mind and using our POYO promotion plans to list your event, your success is certainly assured.