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Technology and technological procedures have rapidly expanded and penetrated the majority of fields. After all we are living and traversing the technological era, with a plethora of newly developed machinery, computers and micro-systems. With the need of constantly upgrading procedures, installations and methods the future is quickly approaching to ensure the utmost efficient systems in all disciplines. Such is that in the gating industry. Individuals are craving the need for a faster, more accurate and technological adept automatic gate that does not skip a beat. This is the pylon of automation. At Magic Door Industries we have researched and are constantly upgrading our procedures to ensure that all our automatic gates are geared with the utmost latest technological apparatus that make your life easier. With “magic” gate remotes, exceptional installation directions and state of the art gate coatings, we really push the boundaries to ensure that our automatic gates, automatic boom gates and all other installations are accurate and provide the functionality you desire.


  • Rapid turnaround in administering and installing the gate.
  • Organisation with all garage remote and motor fixing.
  • 24/7 service to guarantee excellence and convenience is always met.
  • Economical and equitable pricing solutions for all gate installation services.
  • Extensive experience within the gate installation industry.
  • Monumental customer satisfaction.
  • Quality workmanship, capability and knowledge on all gate installation services.
  • A wide range of electronically controlled mechanisms that last in time.
  • Diversity with installations in many areas – Boom gates, sliding gates and more.
  • Residential, commercial and industrial automatic gate installations.
  • Inform and provide a comprehensive report on procedures.
  • Ensure precision and efficiency with automatic gates.
  • Test and trial new installations to ensure client appreciation.

Not only does an automatic gate provide the necessary safety and reliability to your property, it also boosts your kerb value and administers additional privacy. By installing an automatic gate, you can pick and choose from a wide range of designs that are geared towards privacy, safety or aesthetics. The possibilities are endless! Here at Magic Door Industries, we endeavour to reach out to clients and show them the excellence MDI administers. By browsing our website and delving into all our projects, you can clearly see the level of dedication and perfection that goes into each project. We constantly thrive to increase our efficiency and educate ourselves on new and adept technological methodologies that occur, in order to stay one step ahead of competition. In such a competitive industry, knowledge and experience play a pivotal role. Here at MDI we flourish with these qualities. Technological adaptations are also prevalent in the gate’s remote systems and signalling mechanisms. MDI make sure that new technologies work effectively when closing and opening accurately. We test our new gates a plethora of times and under many circumstances to ensure that you are getting the leading automatic gate on the market. Gates need to open under harsh weather conditions, low visibility conditions and all these avenues are effectively thought through when we design our signalling systems and remotes. MDI also goes the extra set and teaches you how to effectively use all the new remotes and technological apparatus that could be and not limited to radio handsets, a digital pad or proximity card technology. With comprehensive reports and assistance, you will become a professional in no time!

Technology is vital in such an industry and MDI welcomes the new technology. Our leading engineers are on top of all new adaptations regarding automatic gate installations. Durability, perfection, technologically focused and organisation are the fundamental stepping stones we utilise to build our reputation on here at Magic Door Industries. With a plethora of newly discovered machinery, as well as a team that are geared for success, we ensure that all our clients reach their full potential and never have to worry about a malfunctioning swing gate or roller door, because we provide you with exceptional Roller Door Motors and Swing Gate Motors that will do the talking for us!

If you are seeking an automatic gate installation, tailored to your circumstances, feel free and do not hesitate to contact us here at MDI and liaise with a friendly member of staff to kick-start your journey to obtain an immaculate, effective and technologically adept gate.