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With European destinations growing ever so much in popularity for folks down under, Italy is a grand tourist attraction that offers plentiful sights, experiences and obviously food. Fernandos Italian will give you some pointers on what to watch out for when trying to indulge in authentic Italian food when in Italy. Whilst the majority of restaurants have items that are reasonably priced, and in some cases, even inexpensive, some of the most common mistakes can make you blow your entire trip food budget quickly. So beware.

Be Careful Where You Sit

Would you enjoy a table with a water view or how about a just a plain table? Then you may have to pay for it.  While this can seem logical in locations such as cafeterias and bars, where the majority of Italians drink their coffee standing, it is often the case in restaurants too. Additionally, on your bill, you will see this charge as “pane e coperto” which means bread and tableware. Don’t think you can get out of this either – the fee is inevitable – even if you never see silverware or bread. Moreover, once you sit down at a table and order something, you have made the commitment to pay this fee. On the bright side, it is not usually too expensive. While this charge should be listed on the menu or posted in the restaurant; however, if it isn’t ensure that you have spoken to the owners or waiters about it. There are also some places that now waive this fee because the laws no longer require restaurants to charge this in some locations.

Not all Gelato is Priced Equally

If you’re going to venture around Italy, you can’t leave before you have indulged in some of the famous gelato. This vibrant and refreshing treat is virtually impossible to resist, especially on a scorching summer day. However, proceed with caution. Even in towns where there are more than a few gelaterie (gelato shops) the prices will not always be the same and fluctuate. Make sure to look at the menu carefully before you order. If there’s no menu posted, then be sure to ask about the pricing.

Eat Local (Avoiding Tourist Hot-Spots)

If you really think about this tip, it makes complete sense. The closer a restaurant is to an area known for tourism, the more likely the owner is to increase the prices. Because the majority of tourists are usually too tired or hungry to pay attention to normal prices, they don’t really make a fuss when they finally get the check.  If possible, get away from the most popular tourist areas. In some cases, just a few streets over will do.

Fernandos Italian wishes you all the best if you are getting ready to travel to Italy. However, if you are still stuck in Sydney and are craving authentic Italian food, look no further. Here at Fernandos Italian, we cater the utmost finest and breathtaking Italian food, as we are labelled the best restaurant in Sydney. For additional information, on our services and capacities, contact us today.