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The best form of sweet dessert baked with love – Cakes! In olden days, cakes were just simple modifications added to bread. Cakes now, however, are beautiful masterpieces which are both visually appealing and delicious. They are crafted like art and are a pinnacle for any celebration or event. Cakes are well loved by all age ranges and are served as a celebratory dish on many occasions. Some such occasions are weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, christenings, ring ceremonies, New Year parties, and other such special events. There are countless types of cakes, and they are all themed to fit into specific occasions.  If you are looking for cake figurines Melbourne, Splendid Servings is the best place to go.

There are several types of cakes. Here are some very popular types of cakes you can try:

Chocolate Cake

These cakes are made with melted chocolate or cocoa powder which is unsweetened. These cakes usually use natural cocoa powder as well, unless they have to serve a different purpose like shaping or so. These cakes are topped with various frostings, buttercreams, and icing. Chocolate cakes are loved by most, and this is the go-to option for all chocolate lovers. These cakes are creamy, rich in texture and mouth-watering. Chocolate cakes are one of the first choices for wedding cakes Malvern.

Red Velvet Cake

With the dramatic colouring and royal finish, these cakes are well sought out for too. These cakes are rumoured to be first served in the 1930s in New York. Food colouring and beet juice are used to turn the batter of the cake red. The cakes are often accompanied by white cream or icing for topping. These are a good dessert after any meal and are delicious.

Carrot Cake

This is an all-time favourite homemade treat. It became very popular during World War II. Carrots naturally have a sweet taste in them and add extra moisture to the cake. These cakes are also made more delicious by adding chunks of plump raisins, pineapple, walnuts and cashews for extra texture and flavour. The topping on these cakes is thick and sweet as well making this a delicious and a must try cake. Cake figurines Melbourne are amongst the best choices when it comes to a celebration.

Black Forest Cake

This cake originating from Germany has thin layers of chocolate shredded on the top over buttercream icing. Its base is chocolate, and it is also decorated with cherries. It’s a great festive cake and is served as a celebratory dessert as well. It is also one of the bestselling wedding cakes Malvern. These cakes are well loved and delicious and make your holiday sweeter!

Apple Cake

This is a very comforting dessert. Using applesauce and chunks of apple, this fruity cake is very soft and often spiced with cinnamon. Cardamom and cloves are used as well. These cakes add comfort after a heavy meal while being delicious. It is also a favourite coffee time cake, well preferred by guests.


An all-time classic, the cake is made with cream cheese, eggs, and sugar. It is made richer by topping with fruits, nuts, and chocolate. The toppings variety for this cake is vast as it goes well with all toppings. The base of the cake is open to creativity as well. Usually, the base of the cake is made with graham crackers, but you can try ginger or chocolate cookies as well. The cake has a creamy centre and adds for extra lightness. These are great desserts when it comes to wedding celebrations. You can get the best of wedding cakes Malvern all at a single place.

Banana Cake

The cake pretties up all celebrations and is very simple and delicious. It is often served with coffee and is very moist and sweet. The cake is made with overripe bananas for more sweetness. The bananas used for this cake are left to turn nearly black for the best tasting cake. It is mouth-watering and made with fruit at its prime. The frostings on the cake are usually chocolate, rum or coconut. Sometimes a combination of the three too!

All the above-listed cakes can be bought at almost all cake shops. However, if you are willing to do it yourself, to add more love and personal touch to your cake, we recommend you try it too! Making cakes with your family can be one kind of an experience which you can share and cherish. Even if the cakes aren’t as professional and delicious like the ones you can purchase, the cakes would surely come with a lot of memories. Here are some cake figurines Melbourne tools which might help you get better results.

For Mixing

The best tool for mixing is a stand mixer. It helps you fully incorporate and aerate your ingredients. You can also use the paddle for attaching the batter and cream. To get amazing results, you can also go for the handheld electric mixer which makes it easier and gives you better results. The mixing will be very while with a lot of control. If you are just doing it for once or twice, a large wooden spoon will do the job as well.

For Baking

You can use different sizes of springform pans for basic cakes. You can add a rectangular baking pan to make it easier. Try getting silicone or non-stick surfaces to make the baking process easy. You can use light metal as well if you want the exterior of the cake to be a little brown adding more texture.

For Frosting

You can use offset spatulas which are flexible. Knives also serve as right tools for apply whipped cream or icing to the cake. You can purchase some nozzles and piping bag to take your decorative work to the next level.

The above-mentioned tools will surely help you take your baking process to another level. Not only will it make your baking process fun, but it will also give you more professional looking results. Baking cakes can be a great hobby with a delicious outcome. Everybody loves cake, and it’s even better if it’s homemade with love! If you can add the ingredients right, make use of the correct tools and add your creativity and craftsmanship to it, you will get a good-looking cake with delicious taste. Or you can just purchase splendid cakes from Splendid Servings. The provide the best wedding cakes Melbourne that you can get. Happy baking!