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Detoxification is a natural process that begins in the liver. This organ, in charge of doing the body’s heavy lifting, filters almost 1.4 liters of blood every minute, breaking down and neutralising toxic substances and converting them into highly reactive metabolites (molecules created during metabolic processes), which are subsequently excreted as bile (leaving the body through the intestine, as feces), or as blood (filtered by the kidneys and converted to urea). 

Toxins range from acute – for example, alcohol or tobacco – to cumulative, low-grade toxins that are much less noticeable – like contaminants or pesticides in your food. 

Detoxification is what your body naturally does to neutralise, transform, or eliminate unwanted materials or toxins. It is a primary function of the body, which is constantly working and interacting with all the other functions of the body. 

A detox serves to improve, optimise and support the body’s natural detoxification process by reducing the amount of toxins we ingest, as well as providing the body with the nutrients it needs to work properly. 

Excess coffee, sugar, fats, highly processed foods … Our body cannot cope with so much overload and it is normal for it to suffer and cry out for a complete set-up to get rid of accumulated toxins and give our digestive system a well-deserved respite. Surely you have heard of the wonders of cures based on green smoothies – those that put in the mouth of all celebrities such as Pataky and Reese Witherspoon – to cleanse and purify the body for several days. However, although it is true that they are authentic health cocktails and vitamins and they will help us to do a good internal cleaning, you should also know that these types of plans do not stop entailing their risks if we do not take into account some basic recommendations at the time to start them up.  

Put order in your kitchen and make a softer diet. It is important to prepare the body to be able to purify it later. You have to take care of the food the previous days so that the change is not drastic. It is recommended to avoid red meat, highly processed or industrial foods (for example, pastries), alcohol, tobacco or coffee … In this way we will optimise the results and our body will eliminate more toxins. 

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  1. Drink a lot of water. It is essential to always be hydrated and avoid headaches and other undesirable side effects. 


  1. Do it with the help and supervision of a professional. Diet is an important issue that influences our day to day, so although it is possible to make juices at home as a complement to a balanced diet, when making a detox plan it is important to have nutritionists who measure all of them in detail. the steps, which have studied in detail the composition of each juice both for its nutritional value and for its flavor. This way you will be able to make a detox much easier and healthier. 


  1. Make sure the juices are providing the necessary vitamins and nutrients. It is important to know what ingredients, in what quantities and at what time of the day we have to drink the juices. Our smoothies, for example, are made with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, up to 15 different, to also have a variety of nutrients and, in addition, a contribution of lipids so that the system recovers at night. 


  1. The best fruits and vegetables to debug. It uses as a base ingredient with a high content of vitamin C (oranges, grapefruits and lemons), which favor the body to process fat faster; cherries, which help regulate metabolism; apples, with diuretic and intestinal properties; celery, which helps lose fat, nuts and almonds, etc. 


  1. A juice purifying treatment may not be for you. If you are pregnant, if you suffer from any type of eating disorder or are diabetic, you follow a treatment with anticoagulants … it is not the most advisable. In any case, consult your GP if you have any questions. How long should the ‘detox’ last? If it is your first time, you can start for one or three days and, in any case, no more than 5 days in a row. The ideal is to incorporate it into our lifestyle and routine to be able to do it one day a week continuously or 3 days in a month to achieve the best results. 
  1. Under no circumstances prolong the detox for several weeks without rest. It is necessary to know that in detox plans, the contribution of proteins and fats is the minimum -only in the last juice for the renewal and maintenance of membranes and better functioning of the central nervous system-, in this way, use the reserves and purify the body. If we prolong the detox too much, we could have headaches, diarrhea when increasing the liquid and fiber ingestion in the diet or appear constipation when reducing the amount of solid food, tiredness, anemia. 


  1. A before and after in your diet. Realise that one or several healthy days is very good because you are going to ingest many vitamins and nutrients; but one day it is useless if later you do not maintain healthy eating and living habits. Including a fruit and vegetable juice in our regular diet as a complement is a very healthy and highly recommended practice.  


  1. Reduce the practice of physical exercise. By decreasing protein intake, our muscles and bones can suffer if we overtrain them. The easiest thing is for us to take a break during the days that we maintain the detox. 

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