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You must have installed external venetian blinds in your house. If you have then they must be properly cleaned so that they increase the décor and elegance of your house.

The fastest technique to clean a blind

If you notice that there is a single layer of dust then it is good to use a feather duster to clean the blinds. Yu need to insert the duster inside the slats of the blind and clean both side of the slats. If you find that the dust is consistent then uses some nature of cleaning lotion to remove the dust. You can then use a cloth to remove the dust that has accumulated. For the solution you can mix vinegar with water to form the cleaning solution.

The washing that you may need to do

To clean the blinds by means of washing you can clean them using a wet sponge. You can wet a sponge in hot water and wipe the blinds to clean them from the dust. You can likewise soak the sponge in soap water to have a more effective cleaning. Both the sides of the slats need to be cleaned with the wet sponge so that they become sparkling.