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Teeth whitening. The best ally for your smile

A beautiful smile is one of the most striking attractions among human beings. The vast majority of people remember those who smile in an attractive way.

To take care of it, people usually use cosmetic products that are not for professional use such as toothpastes and whitening mouthwashes of high commercial diffusion. These have a limited effect and are not true bleach. That is why we recommend to patients teeth whitening, an aesthetic treatment that lightens the colour of the teeth.

This can be done in three different ways:

  • In the office: the treatment lasts approximately one hour, with three or four brief breaks to renew the bleaching product that we deposit on the teeth. Some products are activated by a halogen light and others are activated by a chemical reaction.
  • On an outpatient basis (in the home): individual cuvettes are made for the patient, in which the product is placed. The patient uses them according to the professional’s instructions.
  • In a mixed way: They combine the sessions with ambulatory whitening.

It is important to perform a dental prophylaxis (cleaning) before treatment, in order to eliminate the tartar and extrinsic stains, so that the applied product has the maximum possible efficiency. At the end a fluoridation is always carried out.

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Whitening can be performed on a set of teeth that are aesthetically compromised, or on a single tooth that may have darkened after a root canal or dental trauma. In the latter case, a different clinical procedure called internal bleaching is used. There are some cases that need to stay away of this treatment:

  • Pregnant women
  • Under 18 years
  • Patients with dental hypersensitivity

Although there are different techniques for teeth whitening, currently it is whitening by photoactivation which has become widespread both in the dentist’s office and at home. This is based on the use of a bleaching gel (carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) that is placed in a splint that adapts to the dental arch and that is activated by direct application of a light source (laser, LED or ultraviolet). Even so, sometimes the only way to remove stains and whiten the teeth of the aesthetic front (the forwards, which are seen when smiling) is the placement of porcelain veneers or, in any case, it may be necessary to apply a technique of micro abrasion prior to bleaching.

But this brief description is full of nuances, the main one of which is the need to go to the dentist’s office before starting any whitening procedure by photoactivation. It is very important to bear in mind that this type of treatment should not be carried out as long as there are cavities, periodontal disease or tartar plaques, which makes a prior review of oral health essential.

How teeth whitening is done, tooth whitening procedure

Professional whitening is the most effective and quickest to perform: a single session lasting 45-60 minutes is required and a reduction of between 4 and 10 shades is achieved. In addition, in this case the splint used to place the whitening gel is made to measure, which ensures that the soft tissues of the mouth (gums, tongue and palate) are kept properly protected during treatment. The latter does not occur with home kits, which, on the other hand, require a treatment whose duration can reach two weeks with a daily application and which in no case have the same effectiveness. However, if necessary, both treatments can be complementary, always by decision of the dentist.

The greatest guarantees of success are provided by the whitening treatment performed by the dentist, which can be done in a single session of approximately one hour and with which a clearance is obtained that varies between 4 and 10 tones, depending on the characteristics of each person. In addition, doing so in this way has other added advantages, since the splint in which the gel is deposited is custom-made to the patient, thus ensuring adequate protection of the soft tissues of the mouth (gums, tongue and palate). Also, you can choose the type of light source that is most interesting for photoactivation of the gel: the laser is more effective, but it generates a greater dental hypersensitivity than the LED light and the effects tend to disappear with time, which is why widespread use of the second option.

However, the dentist may recommend supplementing the whitening treatment performed by him with another domicile where a whitening kit will be used, which can be purchased in pharmacies and other stores. Its effectiveness is significantly lower than that made by a professional and it takes several weeks with a daily application to achieve the reduction of a few tones.

In any case, even if you decide to opt for home whitening from the beginning, you should first consult with the specialist to ensure that there are no oral health problems that may be affected by the treatment.

Finally, it is very important to take into account that, regardless of the type of treatment chosen, for a few days the teeth more easily capture all the pigments contained in food and beverages, so we must pay attention to the diet.

The last necessary advice refers to the need to take care of the type of food and drinks that are ingested the days after the treatment, since this favour the fixation of the pigments contained in the pores of the tooth enamel, which could spoil the results of it.

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