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We will focus on how to sell clothing with your online store, on how to sell it on internet platforms and how you can do business selling used clothing with your store or second-hand platforms.

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Create an online clothing store

If you have the idea of ​​creating an online clothing store in your head, it is a very good option. But first, you have to take into account some aspects and that online clothing sellers should know. At this point we will point out some aspects to consider how to sell clothes online creating your online store.

Before and during the process of creating your online store to sell clothes, you should consider the following:

  • You must take good quality images: Keep in mind that customers are accustomed to go to a street shop and get into the fitting room to see how they choose the garment chosen before deciding to buy it. To bring this experience to our customers, you must take photos with sufficient light, with a neutral and clear background and the perfect clothes, without wrinkles.
  • Set the price of each garment: Do not go over price, study the competition and put competitive prices based on the quality and design of them. It is important that you highlight your differential value well to avoid fighting for price.
  • Describe the garment well: Explain perfectly how the garment is, its fabric, the brand or the manufacturer, composition and advice for its use and how to combine it, etc … In this way, you will avoid anger of the client and claims. Specify the materials and season well to avoid buying errors.
  • Create a size chart: To know correctly how to sell clothes online, we must explain very clearly how sizes are determined. Make a table of how our clients should take measurements at home (waist, neck, sleeve length, chest contour, etc.), so that having their measurements clear, you can see in the table that Size should ask us without error and without fear of returns due to error in size requests.
  • Create outfits with your garment: If your customers do not decide on a garment, make outfits (looks combining garments), with capture programs and image editing, to create your own garment looks that you sell along with other from other stores or brands and accessories. In this way, your client will know how to combine it and decide to buy it.
  • Shipping and returns: Today the shipping costs of clothing stores are very low and virtually all online clothing stores allow free returns to skip the barrier of buying something you have not seen and that depends a lot on how you look.

Create online store now

Do you have any more ideas on how to sell clothes online? Do you know any useful tricks? Point out what you think is convenient, we listen to you. Once the store created is time to perform the necessary actions to sell your products.

The fashion sector is booming before other niches. The ease, wide catalogue, diversity and comfort of buying the garment you were looking for from home without having to make a “via crucis” through stores and shopping centres, have made this sector continue to increase constantly.

Joining this market can be a great advantage for you and even more if you develop a fixed clientele that buys your clothes online. Selling online can be done in several ways. Owners of online clothing stores may sell their fashion items through the available retail locations or divide their sale into several different online locations.

If you have decided to open an online store, in which you will offer your customers fashion items, but you do not know what to do to sell clothes online, follow the advice we offer in this article.

Discover how to make your own online store

  • Buy a domain name and open your own online store. You can look for a professional to help you create and configure the online store if you do not have time or knowledge, if you cannot do it yourself using our assistant to create and configure the online store.
  • Allow your customers different forms of payment, such as PayPal, credit card, transfer and even cash on delivery.
  • Publicise your online store through social networks and online advertising. Write good blog posts and effective ads. It will take some time, but you must take this task daily to be able to market your store effectively.
  • Diversify to start

Open your online store and also sell through eBay or other portals such as Etsy. While your online store is becoming known and you don’t know what to do to sell, you can offer your products in other portals. Greater pre-validity will have to sell on two or more platforms than on one.

eBay is another place to sell used clothing

Some people are doubting whether eBay is still worth it or not. But, depending on our situation and what we are selling, it can still be a great place to sell.

Of course, this great online auction platform allows you to easily sell items. eBay allows you to see the current range of a similar product, which is being sold on the site itself in cases where you have no idea what price to put on your item.

In addition, you can have a large audience for items you sell, compared to the high-end websites that are on the market.

We recommend that you do both, create your own online store and upload products on platforms such as eBay.

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