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Technology advances and keeps pushing boundaries for all of us, making things that seemed completely impossible happen on a daily basis and stop looking so impressive. Automatic gates are a great example of this, not only taking advantage of all advances technology provides but also crafting them together in order to provide a superior level of comfort and safety.

Types of automatic gates

Automatic gates are getting more popular with the passage of time, if we review the reasons why these gates are so important for Australia homes in current times, some of the aspects that would be highlighted are:

  • People no longer need to get out of their cars when they want to park in their garage, thanks to garage door remotes they can easily do it by pushing one button.
  • If you are someone very active and you do not mind getting out of the car to open the gate, you will also find a relevant use to automatic gates taking into account during the night for example, opening the gate and going back inside the car can be a bit dangerous.
  • They give are visually appealing, especially if you decide to have a gate with an eye-catching design.

Among the most popular types of automatic gates, there are automatic sliding gates and automatic swing gates. Depending on the needs and preferences of each person (or family) one can be better than the one:

Automatic Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are the most popular type of automatic gates. Almost every house with automatic gates have sliding gate motors especially when it does not have a narrow driveway. When evaluating this type of gates, there are many different advantages that can be mentioned such as:

  1. Some sliding gate motors are very fast at opening and closing these gates. Some automatic gates can be stronger than other ones and open/close faster.
  2. Opening and closing happens inside the limits of the household. People do not have to worry about someone being outside and getting hit by the automatic gates.
  3. Regarding the price, sliding gates are way more affordable than swinging gates.

However, as it happens with everything, there are also some evident disadvantages that need to be taken into account as well when deciding which type of automatic gate is more beneficial for a specific house:

  1. Many people believe maintenance for automatic swing gates is more expensive but is actually the other way around, maintenance costs for automatic sliding gates of maintenance is more for these gates than for automatic swing gates.
  2. Sliding gates need a lot of space inside the driveway. Actually, if you’re going to install one of these you have to count it as double because it will take as much place to close than what it takes open.
  3. Sliding gates can be very noisy and this can be quite bothersome for light sleepers since they will wake up each time someone opens the gate. Nevertheless, this depends of the rollers and the track that are used for their making.

Automatic Swing Gates

Within automatic gates that can use garage door remotes, we can say automatic swing gates are the less popular ones. However, they are the ones preferred by many people as well. As we did with automatic sliding gates, we will also evaluate advantages and disadvantages of automatic swing gates.

Regarding the advantages that can be highlighted from swing gates, these are the most relevant ones:

  1. Maintenance costs are less expensive since they only have hinges, while sliding gates have tracks and rolled to be taken care of.
  2. Automatic swing gates are the only option viable for narrow driveways that can’t have a sliding gate track installed.
  3. They require less space than automatic sliding gates. Swing gates require little room to operate perfectly (as long as they are far enough from your car).
  4. They are more discrete and less noisy than automatic sliding gates because they do not have wheels so they do not produce that annoying rolling sound.

While evaluating the disadvantages that people that prefer automatic swing gates as their option for automatic gates in Australia:

  1. Having this gate opening outward can be quite problematic since you’re not able to control and sometimes not even see what’s happening outside the gates.
  2. Automatic swing gates are more expensive than automatic sliding gates. This is caused by the differences between sliding gate motors and swing gate motors, the last ones are more complex than the first ones. They are more expensive than automatic sliding gates although are usually made of the same material.

An excellent feature about both solutions is that they can both be controlled via garage door remotes, making them more innovative than other solutions and helping you keep up with modern lifestyle that uses technological advances as ways to make life easier and increase comfort.

Having door openers installed in your business

However, gates are not the only place where technology can be implemented in order to increase comfort and make them more practical, door openers can also be quite useful for offices and other types of businesses where you want to control who comes in and who does not.

Carrying out a function that is similar to the one carried out by automatic gates, door openers can offer a higher level of safety to any business people can easily control doors remotely. You will also ensure your doors remain closed, not letting out heat or cold air from the inside and ensuring energy efficiency.

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