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Eyelashes play a major role in making and breaking our entire look. We can definitely consider it as clothes for the eyes. However, false eyelashes are filled with the power of beautifying a look. False lashes or falsies have the power of making our eyes brighter and bigger. You can just put them on days when you feel like putting on a lesser load on your eyes. Falsies work excellently in almost all conditions; you just need to put it up correctly. So, it becomes really important to choose the right false eyelashes.


There are more than plenty of options available by our side. It becomes absolutely difficult to decide which works the best for your eye shape. Choosing the right falsies are important because otherwise your eyes might look unnecessarily bulked up. There are certain factors that need to be kept in mind before buying false lashes. These factors are:


Length of the Lash


This is indeed one of the important factors. You must choose a lash that completely sits on your eyes. However, if you bought an eyelash that is longer than your eye size; you can chop off the extra length and use it.


The density of the Lash


You just do not want to compromise on this one. The density of your original lash should perfectly collide with your false eyelashes. If you have thick eyelashes and you are buying dense false eyelashes; your eye may look extra loaded. So, make sure you are choosing a lash keeping in mind the density of your original lashes.


The shape of Your Eyes

Choosing eyelashes according to the shape of your eyes is important. Lashes are built to suit the eye shape typically. You cannot simply wear any eyelash over any eye shape. Doing so can certainly affect your entire look. So, properly examine the shape of your eyes before you order eyelashes online.

These are some of the really important factors that need to be considered before buying false eyelashes. The best place to buy your falsies is Tigress Beauty. They offer some really amazing pieces of eyelashes, and you can definitely find one for your requirements. They also deal in bulk eyelashes Australia. Most of their lashes have a great volume, length, and density. So, you can definitely order eyelashes online from Tigress Beauty.


Different Eyelashes for Different Eye Shapes


Different eyelashes are meant for different eye shapes, and we must use them accordingly for a gracious look. Here are some tips regarding which eyelash will suit your eye shape. You can either use a similar style or go for the exact same eyelashes. You can order eyelashes online on Tigress Beauty to ensure that you are putting on just the best.


Round Eye


Identifying eye shape is not really a tough task. You can simply look in the mirror and examine the shape. If you have round eyes, you can create a stunning look by balancing those bright eyes. A wispy, winged eyelash that completely covers your eyelash line will look absolutely great on you. Such eyelashes will create a cat eye look. Your eyes will look much more magnified creating a stunning illusion. You can certainly choose the Conquer pair of lashes from Tigress Beauty.


Deep Set Eyes


People with a deep-set eye already have a lot of perfection going on. Such eye sits stunningly under the brow bone. You definitely have the liberty of choosing any eyelashes for yourself. None of them are going to overpower your look. However, lashes that have great length and density with great volume will work just great for you. They will highlight your eyes and make it look gorgeous. You can choose the pair of Vixen from Tigress Beauty.


Hooded Eyes

Most people consider hooded as a problem, which is definitely incorrect. Hooded eyes are as beautiful as any other eye. You just have an extra bunch of skin above your lashes. But this does not mean falsies are not meant for you. You just need to select lashes that pay attention to the centre of the eyes. It should be slightly dense in the centre and long over the edges. This will create an illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. Hera from Tigress Beauty can help you achieve that look.


Almond Eyes


These eye shapes are known for its versatility. These shapes are meant for almost all types of false eyelashes. Most lashes suit the shape of such eyes. So, you can certainly select the lashes according to the look you are willing to create. If you want to have a specific set of false eyelashes, then go for a pair that is not highly dense and voluminous. A crisscrossed false eyelash can certainly give you the best kind of finish. You can consider buying Siren from Tigress Beauty.


Monolid Eyes

Monolid are eyes where one can hardly see any crease above the eye. When such people apply false eyelashes, they can clearly see the stunning difference. However, one must choose an eyelash in order to create an awakening effect on the eye. Lashes that are dense on the outer corners and gives the effect of openness works great for such eyes. Also, make sure that the lashes are flared sufficiently. Temptress from Tigress Beauty is just what you need to put up a glamorous look.


Prominent Eyes


As the name says, such eye shapes are already very stunning. One will hardly require heavy false eyelashes to define and glam them up. So, in such cases, you can go for natural looking, low dense and medium length eyelashes. Such lashes will brighten up the eyes and make it look all glammed up. You can choose Majesty or Regal from Tigress Beauty to build up your stunning look.


Also, there are certain lashes that are made to fit all eye shapes. So, if you are not aware of the shape of your eyes, you can certainly choose those lashes to create your look.


Tigress Beauty is the right destination for most of your false eyelashes. You can order eyelashes online and enjoy the best quality products. Also, if you are willing to buy bulk eyelashes Australia based, you can do that through Tigress Beauty.