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Everyone has realized that you need a cut but you. That does not happen to you again: there are signs that indicate that you have to go through the hairdresser to take off that messy hair. Men knows what he wants in terms of his look, knows how to order it and knows where to go looking for it. Social networks contributed a lot to this search (football players like soccer players and Hollywood actors are among the main references), and today men come to a room with a photo on the cell phone of what they want. What was perhaps missing was a space of its own, and it was in that search that the ritual of going to the barbershop began to develop. Here at Barbers of Northcote you will be able to keep your beard looking great.

How often do you go to the barber shop? Every three weeks? One month? Three? You always have that doubt. You never know how many days have to pass between one cut and another. One day you get up and see it clearly: it’s time to make an appointment. Don’t let the evidence fall on you and anticipate. The most common is to clean it every 3-6 weeks, but if you are not sure about it, these are the signs that you have to go through the scissors.

1) You have trouble shaping it in the morning

One of the signs that indicate that you must go through the hairdresser is the appearance that your hair has in the morning, when you wake up. You don’t know what to do with it, how to put it decent to leave home. You throw products on it, wet it, soak it, and nothing. Be clear: you have to go cut it.

2) You have been with the same cut for decades

They show you a picture of the 90s and (surprise!) You wear the same haircut. Friend, times change, just like you. Each era of life has a different hairstyle together. Renew yourself, you can’t keep looking the same as when you were twenty years old.

3) A friend tells you it’s time

“What up crazy hairs?” or “Your head is a complete mess” are some of the phrases that, heard from a partner or friend, clearly indicate that it is time to hit scissors. You hadn’t realized that you looked like the distant cousin of the heavy metal singer, until you look in the mirror and hallucinate.

When a new job, relationship or home does not come into your life, change the cut. A new hairstyle is the best way to do a before and after.

4) You have lost the volume

You have even bangs. Your cut to one has become a hipster hair and, dear, you are no longer old. And yes, we do not forget the grating that comes out in your hair as long as you have it. The tufts fall down your face like a helmet. Do you need more clues, really?

5) You have pigtail

If tufts have begun to appear on your neck, bad. It gives you careless appearance and, hair over your ears or rebellious sideburns. It’s hard to seem clean and well-groomed when you have ‘grandparents’ sprouting through your ears. It is time for a professional solution.

6) You need a life change

When a new job, relationship or home does not come into your life, change the cut in its place. A new hairstyle is often the best way to refresh your style and do a before and after. If you don’t like it, don’t worry, it will grow.

7) Your court has been lost

You have lost the shape of your cut. You have pieces of the head with more hair than others. You try to comb it but it is worse is a remedy than the disease. When you realize that you look like a beggar, be clear, it’s time to go to the hair.

8) You have split ends

If you are one of those who runs away from the razor and cuts it to scissors because you have it long, you have to look at the tips. If they are clearer or open, it is a clear sign that you should clean it up. Also, if it falls through your eyes and you can barely see.

How often to cut your hair?

As we all know a long time ago that men are (increasingly) attentive to their personal image, and the issue of cutting their hair is no exception.

That is why we see that there are many Internet searches related to periodic haircuts, and even when clients come to the hairdresser, they ask us when they have to return. And the answer can be summed up as follows: when to reserve a shift at the hairdresser will depend on two things.

The first one is the type of cut you have made, and the second one if you want to continue having that cut or want to change.

The court will depend when to go to the hairdresser

As we said before, one of the conditions to know when to go to the hairdresser and cut your hair is what you have done.

For example, we already know that one of the seasonal cuts is the fade – typical barber shop, which is composed of a super short style, almost and even well shaved – that therefore needs a frequent visit to the hairdresser. In these cases, going every 15 days is ideal.

Another possibility is that you have a machine cut but no barbershop details, which in that case will require you to reserve a shift at the hairdresser every 21 to 30 days.

Finally, if you have a more midi hair (we could say a more adolescent look), with texture, it is recommended that you visit the hairdresser every 45 days.

The truth is that periodic haircuts also depend a lot on each person and their style or personality. For example, football players are increasingly demanding and always want to be perfect, which figures of the show. Visit our place, our Barbers of Northcote will be happy to help you keep your beard looking great.