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A detail in the underwear that could save you from the uncomfortable vaginal infections. Know the real reason why the internal “pockets” in some types of underwear.

A detail that all women know, but maybe we do not give it the necessary importance. Have you ever wondered why some intimate garments have a kind of “pocket” inside, while others don’t? Sure, you think it’s a matter of decoration, a fabric that was sewn again, but no. This characteristic is vital for women’s health and today you will learn the reason why it is there.

Remember here at Mary’s Secret Boutique you can buy your underwear, and have it delivered to your house. The first thing you should know is that this “pocket” is not to store money or any other object. Perhaps this point is more than clear, but it is never too clear. The truth is that this piece of extra fabric is a double lining and serves for the maintenance of intimate hygiene. How is that possible?

All women know that maintaining the health of the mucosa is a delicate issue, because bacteria in that area can develop rapidly causing an alteration of the vaginal flora. The objective of the double lining is the prevention of friction irritation and natural sweating.

It is common that some panties – especially the most sensual ones – do not have this “pocket”, as the designers assume that these garments should not be worn beyond a couple of hours.