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What are games of chance? Where do they come from? What are the different types? How were they invented? If you want to know everything about gambling, we invite you to read this article to discover the most interesting details of this form of entertainment.

Games of chance are those methods of entertainment in which the probabilities of winning or losing depend exclusively on chance. These are usually accompanied by bets and can occur in the context of both a table game such as roulette, a horse race, or any activity that presents uncertainty about the outcome, including card games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, among others.

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To discover the history and curiosities of gambling, read on:

This story tells the origin of these types of games of chance that were invented by man with the aim of tempting luck while having fun with these hobbies.

According to the discoveries and findings in the hieroglyphics, around 2000 BC, the Egyptians had already carved a 6-sided die and it seems that it was a regular entertainment. In Greek mythology a game of dice broke out a fight between the gods, however the first written rules of the game can be found in the literature of India.

In the year 3000 BC, in China they were betting for money or fun, later joined Europe and the Middle East. China was undoubtedly a cradle for gambling, by 500 BC the table games were already present, and the Chinese were the forerunners of sports betting in fights and races, both men and animals.

The invention of paper in China in the first millennium allowed the advancement of these forms of entertainment, they became more complex, transportable, light and easy to handle, which allowed that card games were invented.

Chinese Letters

After the fall of the Roman Empire, at the end of the fifth century, there was a period of regression and decline that also affected the games, except in Asia, where they continued to grow and evolve with the invention of paper.

In the Europe of the Middle Ages, where there was a large gap between rich and poor, the most complex games of chance were reserved for the nobility, especially because they were the ones who had the time and money to spend. The game of the dice was the most frequent in the lower classes.


The cards were made by hand until the invention of the printing press changed the history and revolutionised the game and could also print rules and take them to the lower classes, which facilitated the development exponentially. The development of the game as such occurred at the end of the feudal system, where the living conditions of people improved, bringing more prosperity and culture.

It can be said that the Renaissance represented, throughout history, the true development and affirmation of gambling, even started the creation of casino and poker. Nowadays, you do not need to leave your house to enter this world, because you can play online quietly, you can even get some downloadable and free.

Playing Cards in the Renaissance

Types of Games

After having studied the history of gambling and having discovered how they were invented, it is time to classify them in their different types.

Cards games are those where the most important elements are the cards and a good hand that shuffles them well. Some of these are: Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat or Baccará, with a French deck and with a Spanish deck we have Mus, Brisca, Burro, Escoba, Trick, among others. While we know that the player’s skills and abilities are important, at the end of the day the cards are dealt randomly so they fall into this same category.

The dice games are those that use a pair of dice, worth the redundancy, to be thrown at random in order to obtain a desired number. Some are: Roulette, Backgammon, Ludo, among others.

Those of casino that include slot machines or slots, that leave the luck in the hands of 3 or more wheels that turn at random, each hand has an amount and a quantity of specific lines that you must choose to be able to play and win. Nowadays, these machines are thematic, you can get superhero slots, superstitions, from different countries, fairy tales, lucky objects, animals, and many others.

Heads or tails are those where a coin is tossed into the air and is chosen or face or cross, the winner is one who correctly predicted the side of the coin that is left over.

The pools and sports bets are classified as part of the games of chance because a quantity of money is deposited on a team or athlete, without knowing the final result of the event and with the objective of predicting the winner.

Bingo and the lottery are those where in a drum there are a certain number of numbered balls that are taken one by one at random with the purpose of the player completing a card with the same numbers. It is believed that lottery games were invented in Italy.


Responsible Gaming

When entering the world of online gambling or physical, it is very easy to fall into vice or addiction if you do not have the willpower to put a brake on the moment we feel that betting is leaving us of the hands. Addiction to gambling is a problem characterised by the need and the irresistible desire to gamble.

Therefore, games of chance invented by man are a means of entertainment and entertainment that has been around for centuries, but you must know how to play and bet responsibly to avoid falling into a problem of addiction that could harm your life and the of the people around you.

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