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For every biker at heart, having and showing off a unique motorcycle that stands out from the rest is important to satisfy its essence. For this reason, many resort to customization or costume designs, to print on their motorcycle those details that make it different and that reflect the style and personality of each driver.

However, you must take into account that, under Colombian regulations, it will be necessary for you to notify or request authorization to customize your motorcycle in some specific cases.

These regulations are established by the Ministry of Transport and you must know them so as not to incur in infractions to the regulations. Authorization requests for costume designs on your motorcycle are processed at the National Automotive Registry.

What cannot be modified in any case

Let’s start by knowing the aspects of your motorcycle that are not subject to modification even if you try to request authorization from the relevant institution. We refer to:

  • Engine number
  • Chassis number
  • Vehicle serial number
  • Vehicle license plates

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What can you modify with permission?

The color of the bike

It can be changed, as long as the change is registered with the corresponding transit authority. This is because every vehicle has specifications on its invoice or title deed. If, for example, your title says that your motorcycle is red and you have it painted black, at the time of sale or if required by an authority, if the color does not match the official description, you run the risk of having problems with the law.

Weight and measurements

The standard establishes that: modifications will be possible to the extent that they do not affect the characteristics specified by the manufacturer and when they do not alter its safety characteristics.

Taking into account the above, and with prior authorization, the following will be subject to modification:

  • Rear view mirrors
  • Steering bar
  • Engine protection bars
  • Sliders and Spools
  • Silencers and exhosts (exhausts)

As long as the original dimensions and weight of the vehicle are not significantly altered according to the manufacturer’s specification.

Decal placement

As long as these do not affect the perception of the vehicle’s color change. They are free of modification (that is, without the need for authorization or registration of changes):

  • Color of the rims (rims)
  • High performance air filters
  • Lights

The regulations indicate that it is strictly forbidden to adapt lighting devices on a motorcycle, such as: sirens, flashing and / or high-density lights, as well as similar devices that are reserved for the exclusive use of police vehicles, ambulances, firefighters, units of relief, military forces, transit authorities and government vehicles.

For the rest, you can customize the lights of your motorcycle with fog lights if it does not have them from the factory (as long as they are white or amber yellow light). You can also change your original halogen headlights for led or xenon lights.

Note: if you make a modification to your headlight system, make sure to align the new ones well, to properly light your way and not dazzle the vehicles that you are in against flow.


For many bikers, the sound of their motorcycle is part of enjoying the riding experience. But you must make sure not to disobey the regulations when modifying your motorcycle with resonators. The standard dictates that the maximum noise emission range for a motorcycle should not exceed 86dB.


The standard dictates that you can modify your motorcycle with the use of tires other than the original ones, as long as the dimensions and weight specified by the manufacturer are not significantly altered.

If you have doubts about these or other modifications that you wish to make to your motorcycle, you need to contact the corresponding authorities for advice on the processing of authorizations and registration of changes.

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How much does it cost to become a custom motorcycle?

Customize, or personalize your motorcycle can vary greatly in price depending on the changes we make. In recent years, the fever for customizing motorcycles has grown, making small or large changes inspired by old models or adding elements to adapt them to our tastes. Completely altering the appearance of a motorcycle must, of course, be carried out by mechanical experts with a basic motorcycle, and this can reach $ 3,000, although if it is to change it with small alterations, the budget can drop considerably . Another alternative is to purchase a customized motorcycle.

What style can a customized motorcycle be?

There are many styles to customize a motorcycle, but in recent years 3 models inspired by “vintage” motorcycles known as Café Racer, Chopper or Scrambler motorcycles have been gaining popularity.

  • Café Racer motorcycles are a style of motorcycles popularized in the United Kingdom during the 50s by rockers and lovers of rock culture. They are characterized by having small modifications such as the straight chassis, larger exhaust pipes, the seat is single-seater, the handlebars are usually low and sloping downwards, and have alterations in colines, among others. These alterations are made in order to make the bike lighter and more agile, since as the name suggests, the Café do were used especially for racing. Japanese motorcycles are often used for this type of customization.
  • Chopper motorcycles. Since the 40s we have received the “Chopper”. These custom bikes have a longer fork or fork that gives them a greater advance than the rest of the bikes and a higher handlebar. These motorcycles were typical of some American motorcyclists who rebelled against their country after World War II, claiming that European motorcycles were “easier and more fun to ride.” Like the Café Racer, they are usually lighter than traditional motorcycles, which requires them to have smaller fuel tanks, windshields, fenders and lights, or, directly, non-existent since to achieve that lightness of handling the soldiers who were driving them they eliminated the superfluous, “cutting it”, “chop” in English.
  • Scrambler bikes are the ones that have gained the most popularity in recent years as it is a more versatile motorcycle whose mixed tires make it suitable for all types of terrain and provide a more relaxed ride. They usually feature off-road rims, knobby tires, a light but strong chassis, a raised chassis and their seats are usually two-seater. In addition, the exhaust pipes are usually glued to the seat to prevent water from entering them when crossing streams.

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