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Greece is a country admired by millions of people throughout the world, for its influence on the cultural, architectural and philosophical development of the West, its favoured geographic location and its ancient mythology. Enough reasons not to think twice and choose it as a fascinating tourist destination. All this you surely know it already and that’s why you’re considering going to Greece as a holiday destination right?

But, in order not to make mistakes in your holidays, you must know the characteristics of the temperate Mediterranean climate and what is the best time to visit Greece.

Here at Nestoras College students learn about Greek traditions at no extra cost for their parents. And what is the best opportunity to enjoy the culture of this excellent country than going in a trip to Greece? Today we will review what is the best time to visit Greece and what you can do once you are there.

Best time to travel to Athens, in Greece

Spring is always a good option to travel to the Greek capital. This guarantees that the climate is a pleasant and fresh complement to visit the great number of historical places and to retrace their streets in search of the mysteries that seem to enclose, without the suffocating heat of summer being an impediment.

What is the best time to travel to Greece?

This station has the advantage that travellers can discover the flora in its greatest splendour and the impressive colours that accompany sunsets and sunrises in Greece. Once there, it is inevitable to know the Parthenon or the National Archaeological Museum.

The city has cafeterias, restaurants, and a variety of tourist places, where they have qualified and experienced staff to assist tourists.

From April to June and from September to October, best time to travel to Greece.

In the months of April to June and September to October, Greece presents a spring-like climate and the beginning of autumn, which constitutes a strength to undertake the trip.

Knowing Greek history, and at the same time enjoying the beaches, can be done at this time of year. Unlike summer, which is the peak season in that place, spring and the beginning of autumn do without a stifling heat, which undoubtedly is an uncomfortable element for sightseeing.

Another advantage is that when not included in the high season, this period is characterised by lower prices, and therefore, your vacation can be cheaper.

Greece has beautiful places like the island of Santorini, which captivates by its location in the Aegean Sea and receives countless travellers every day. This place is noted for its successful wineries, where it is possible to taste delicious wines.

Travel to the Greek islands

Big parties with modern music and typical cuisine identify another of the Greek islands, Zakynthos, where the traveler finds a lot of tourist packages for all tastes and a very good offer of hotels, restaurants where to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.

Mykonos is also characterised by a hectic and attractive nightlife, which pleases young people from all over the planet, and integrates a diversity of people. Perhaps the biggest atmosphere of parties and discos is found on this island, so if what motivates you most is the holidays you should not miss summer in Mykonos.

For those who love to explore, the Cretan caves will surely become an unforgettable experience. In addition, its beaches offer unparalleled tranquillity and comfort, a great option for anyone who decides to travel to Greece.

All these islands are full during the high season, where the prices of services skyrocket. That is why it is recommended to travel in spring season, if you are one of those who avoid the agglomerations and high temperatures, which reach, sometimes, more than 40 degrees.

A great option without a doubt to see the different Greek islands is to make a cruise of about 5 days minimum through the islands of Greece, it will allow you to see the most important islands and enjoy a day in each of them.

The most fun activities for trips in Greece

The best thing about traveling to Greece is that each type of person finds an option. In this tourist destination there is no time for boredom. The sports are unlimited, because there is an alternative for each era. Field tourism, excursions, camping, winter sports, always find a place in the holidays.

Visit Greek beaches

The beaches and spas do not rest during the summer and spring seasons and the nightlife is moved by the existence of discos, bars, clubs, dance halls and even casinos. Evenings in front of the sea steal the preference of countless tourists, especially those who prefer Greece to spend their honeymoon.

Cultural activities that travellers should not miss

In order to satisfy those who enjoy a bohemian atmosphere, there are theatres, download spaces and cinemas. In the summer, the Athens Festival brings together artists of various manifestations and offers galas, presentations and concerts.

The delicious Greek gastronomy

The gastronomic centres are another source of entertainment, where you will not only eat, but also socialise with the natives and other travellers. There are luxury restaurants, outdoor bars, small restaurants and also taverns.

There are few who have made great friends, or those who have known a great love, just to choose Greece and its thousand-year charms to spend the vacations of his life.

Travel to Greece

Let’s see the different options you have when traveling to Greece. We offer you different alternatives such as finding a flight to travel on your own or choosing a circuit with all the expenses included, you decide:

How much does a flight to Greece cost?

It is important to know the price of your flight to Greece. If you already know when to travel to Greece, check now the price of your flight in a flight comparator such as SkyScanner.

Remember that here at Nestoras College students learn about Greek traditions at no extra cost for their parents.