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As we have already commented on several occasions, the state of the facade plays a very important role in the maintenance of a building. It is no longer just about an aesthetic aspect, but about the protection and habitability of the property. Factors such as UV rays, humidity, rainfall or simply the passage of time deteriorate the facades considerably, but all these effects can be delayed with a good façade coating.

At Lee Meehan Roofing, we can provide you second to none wall cladding, that of protecting you and your family. Keep in mind that if you want to hire premium building and renovating services, you only need to contact us, we have years of experience providing second to none services here in Australia.

Types of facade cladding

There is no perfect coating, but the choice will depend on the substrate on which it will be applied. Generally, the majority of façade coatings that currently exist on the market are made from resins, since it is an element that provides benefits such as elasticity, impermeability and durability. In summary, these are the main façade coatings that exist:

Silicate coatings: their main characteristic is the high breathability they bring to exclusively mineral surfaces, such as concrete or natural stone. This type of cladding is usually used in the rehabilitation of old facades due to the great petrification it offers.

Siloxane coatings: these coatings are perfect for facades that require a balance between impermeability to rain and permeability to water vapor. In addition, siloxane resins have another characteristic property, which is that they provide the coating with high resistance to dirt particles such as dust or environmental pollution. This allows the facades to be kept clean for much longer.

Acrylic coatings: they are the most popular coatings due to the ease of application they offer. They have several characteristics such as high impermeability and moderate breathability, although everything will depend on the quantity and quality of the resin with which they are formulated.

Pliolite cladding: these are ideal cladding for use on facades with problems of disintegration or liming, since they have a high adhesion on this type of surface, even when they have internal humidity. Pliolite resins can be water-based or solvent-based, the latter being perfect for use in cold climates, since they withstand temperatures below 5ºC.

How to choose the right façade cladding

After knowing the different types of coatings that exist, before opting for one of them you have to study the support on which it will be applied to choose the most suitable one. For this, the following aspects must be analysed:

Surface construction material: there are stone, cement, brick facades, etc. And not all coatings are suitable for all these materials. Therefore, it is very important to know what is the material with which the facade is built to find the ideal coating.

Geographical area and climatology: the facades are subject to various climatic factors depending on the geographical area in which the building is located. For example, in the north of the peninsula, buildings are affected by higher levels of rain and humidity; while in the south the main problem is the incidence of UV rays. Therefore, knowing the weather conditions of each building is also an important factor in choosing the cladding.

Previous state of the surface: it is very important to know the state of the surface in question, since if it is an old building it is likely to present problems such as cracks, fissures, efflorescence, moisture stains, etc. Before applying any type of coating, these problems must be repaired and then the facade cladding must be selected.

Facade cladding

At Lee Meehan Roofing have many years of experience and we have some of the best solutions on the market when it comes to cladding facades. These are some of our star products for facades:

  • Sprint Matte with anti-mold preservative: top quality matte coating for facades and exteriors in general that is formulated with technology in 100% pure acrylic copolymers and with pigments and extenders of great weather resistance. In addition, it has an anti-mold effect on the paint and is completely waterproof. Sprint Mate has excellent adhesion on different surfaces and is a long-lasting product.
  • Mar Liso with anti-mold preservative: it is a smooth coating formulated with the most advanced technology in acrylic copolymers, in addition to pigments and extenders with maximum weather resistance. The main technical characteristics of Mar Liso are the good resistance to alkalinity of the substrate, the long duration outdoors, the resistance to wet rubbing and the good performance it offers without practically emitting odors. In addition, it has an anti-mold preservative that protects against moisture problems.
  • Torval Scratched Acrylic Mortar: stone coating of excellent quality for both exteriors and interiors. It is specially formulated to offer a striped finish of great decorative beauty. The main components with which Torval Acrylic Mortar is formulated are acrylic copolymers, pigments and fillers that have a high resistance to weathering.
  • Siliblatem: it is a matte mineral coating based on potassium silicate in aqueous solution for mineral supports. This product has a strong bond to the substrate through physical-chemical cohesion, in addition to having high breathability and being permeable to water vapor. Siliblatem is only applicable on mineral supports or other silicate coatings.
  • Blatemrex: consists of a solvent-based pliolite coating for facades and exteriors in general. It is formulated with pigments and extenders of maximum light and weather fastness. Blatemrex brings a smooth, matte look to the surface, plus excellent whiteness and coverage.

The number of interior coatings is among the most varied, from the most traditional to the new materials and forms of presentation. This is a list of the most common along with the advantages and disadvantages that each of them presents in its use.

This is just a small sample from our catalog of façade coatings. If you want to know them all, you can do it in the section on façade cladding solutions on our website.