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We all have a friend who spends her life crocheting and knitting. Usually to relax themselves but they do not know the power of this technique and what they can do with it.

There is a whole global movement of fans grouped in knitting and crochet clubs, which is what the English call the matter. From New York to Paris, through London, Berlin, Milan, Buenos Aires, Stockholm or Madrid, the most fashionable knit or crochet. Well, fashion has already reached the decoration and the most avant-garde designers and the most leading firms have pointed to the theme with beautifully chic collections of accessories, carpets, lamps and upholstered furniture in beautiful woolen or crochet artisan fabrics.

But this is also an excellent fabric for your furniture, including your sofas. Today we offer you some tips to use it as the perfect upholstery fabric.

If you want to renew the decoration of your furniture or change the worn fabric, follow these instructions on how to upholster a sofa.

Here at Yarns on Collie you’ll find second to none wool that absorbs and releases moisture to cool or warm the body. And also use it as the perfect upholstery fabric.

Decoration handcraft household tricks for saving money

If we were dealing with the topic of how to upholster a chair, so now we show you how to upholster a sofa if yours is already old and you need to recover it for everyday use, or you want to change the decoration of your living room.

You just need to have some skill, patience, and follow these instructions step by step. Surely, you will be very proud of your work and it may not be the first, or not quite professional, but surely you want to learn more crafts and follow a trend that we have always wanted the less tricky: ” do it yourself”.

How to upholster a sofa: some aspects to consider

Upholstering a sofa is not too complicated work, although it is necessary to have specific tools necessary to start upholstering a sofa:

  • Professional scissors
  • One meter
  • The fabrics to upholster a sofa
  • A black marker to mark the size of the fabric to be cut
  • A stapler (especially for fabrics)
  • Sewing machine (Follow our tips on how to sew machine)
  • Fabrics to upholster the sofa

Although before we get to work, we measure the sofa and buy the necessary fabric to upholster in a specialised store, here are some guidelines on how much fabric we will need to upholster: if it is a 2-seater sofa, 14 meters; for one of three seats, 16 meters. You also have to take into account if the sofa has overlapping cushions. In addition, if the fabric is printed, in all probability we will need more, so that the drawings “match” can be placed in the piece that we are going to upholster. To upholster a sofa is not worth any fabric, but special fabrics for the home.

It is preferable to choose thick fabrics, which are more resistant. On the other hand, you have to select fabrics for upholstering sofas that are smooth or with small prints, if the piece is small, so that the perspective of the drawing is not lost. In this sense, fashions are also temporary, and we must bear in mind that, if a fabric is smooth, it will not go out of style and will have a lot of durability. However, there are those who have upholstery with drawing, so keep in mind the latest trends, the most demanded fabrics for upholstery are those of geometric or organic drawings (leaves, floral patterns, etc.) so trends return vintage a few years ago. If you are thinking of wool as the right option to upholster your furniture, then take a type of wool that is thick enough

We also like very light, naked, raw or gray tones, although we all know that the lighter, the “dirtier” a fabric is and the more difficult it is to maintain. Even so, light fabrics always bring light to the rooms.

How to upholster an old sofa

We placed the acquired fabric on the sofa, for this we will have measured the sofa beforehand, and requested the appropriate meters in our store (we recorded the measurements for sofas of two or three seats that we indicated above).

The first thing we should do is remove the previous upholstery. To do this, we remove the staples that hold it and what we remove from the frame. This step is important, because we can look at how it was set to place the new one. Even if you have a mobile phone at hand, you can take some photos step by step, to follow the operation of upholstering more or less similarly.

With the chosen fabric, we cover the sofa. If the cushions are loose (usually usual) we cover them separately. We cover the cushions with cloth, cut the desired size and make a zippered cover to remove and wash it. We sew with our sewing machine and we can put the covers.

We cover the rest of the sofa carefully, for the entire fabric it will be very smooth and stretched, and we cut the necessary fabric, taking into account that we must leave excess fabric to be able to staple it.

The arms can be upholstered together with the central structure of the sofa, although everything depends on how they are. The most comfortable is to do it separately, such as cushions. We cover them making sure the fabric is tight, and we staple from behind.

Tips for upholstering a sofa in a homemade way

If the fabric of your sofa is very thick, even leather, the most convenient thing would be to place some tacks along with the staples.

The fabric must be tense before stapling, but it must be done carefully, since there are thinner fabrics that can be broken when sitting if we tense them too much. The fabric must be stapled once we have ensured that it is well placed and straight.

To keep the upholstery clean, it is advisable to vacuum once a week, and remove the stains with a damp cloth immediately. If the fabrics are washable and you have covers on the cushions, you can wash a hand, although some experts recommend that the cleaning is always done dry and that the texture and sizing are preserved much more easily.

It is always advisable to buy fabrics that can be exposed to light, so that they do not deteriorate, especially the lighter tissues.

Find top quality wool and more for your creations here at Yarns on Collie. If you need more information to get started in the world of knitting you can contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.