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Lace and lace fabrics are irresistible. All women have been attracted at some point in our lives by those tiny delicate and sensual filigrees.

Today, the lace and other genres that reveal the skin through the fabric, are more effective than ever. They are a piece that should not be missing in your closet as fundamental as the black dress or the white shirt, more now when the technology allows to have lace at good prices and easy access, here at Mary’s Secret Boutique you will find excellent garments of an top quality.

Tips for using lace

  • Lace underwear is feminine, it is imperishable and very versatile. A blouse with lace trimmings can hold both a jean and tubular skirt. The secret is in the balance.
  • If the piece you are going to wear is elastic, try not to be too tight. If the fabric wrinkles on your skin, the piece is too small for you.
  • If it is a top of big buttonholes, that is to say that the holes of the lace allow to see enough skin, it combines with a solid trousers or skirt.
  • Try to use accessories that complement, not steal the prominence of the piece of lace. Collars too flashy leave them for more neutral garments.