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Recycling is not keeping “trash” in the house and doing nothing with them. Recycling is not just using a plastic pot to make a seedbed. It is contributing with the conservation of our planet. Recycling is the reuse of disposable materials for the reduction of remains that produce pollution such as: papers, clothes, plastics, glass, mechanical parts, cardboard, cans, etc. There is a worldwide rule called “The rule of 3 R” which are: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

  • Reduce: it is based on the reduction of the amount of solid waste for the control of the environmental impact and the costs associated with its handling. For example, if you buy some candy in a pastry shop and you give it a cardboard plate next to a napkin and that sweet does not merit a plate, you can return it and thus avoid its use.
  • Reuse: it is the use of the product repeated times until its useful life is finished such as jam containers, gift bags and even some plastic cups. For example, it can be a gift bag or wrapping paper, if they are in good condition you can use it for the same purpose or decorate something at home.
  • Recycling: begins with the classification of our garbage and our waste: batteries, ink cartridges, paper, glass, plastic, keeping in mind the different instructions: Remains of paper and cardboard can be used to make new materials; the glass powder will be able to be re-used to make new glass containers.

Tips for recycling

  • Use the back of the printed sheets that is blank to take notes, send to paste if you want and you will get a sketchbook for whatever you want.
  • Use reusable ink cartridges.
  • Ask them to send you emails instead of impressions.
  • Did you know that you can save more than 2 tons of wood, 100m3 of water and 300kg of oil to make a ton of paper through recycled paper?
  • Donate the clothes that you no longer use with your family members or a thrift store in your area, and even as a charity.
  • You can use worn out clothes to make crafts and even make other types of clothes.
  • Give priority to reusable containers to store your food.
  • Avoid throwing plastic bottles, you can find many functions for them.
  • Donate all those toys that are not used.
  • Shop with a basket or reusable bags.
  • Use natural and organic products to maintain your garden and avoid fertilizers that have pesticides.


Relevant changes you need to adopt in your lifestyle regarding recycling


It is true that in most homes there are recycling systems that allow the separation of organic waste from packaging, paper or glass. But does the same thing happen in the office? Losing good manners and forgetting the importance of our gestures to guarantee the survival of our planet, is quite easy when we let ourselves be carried away by the rhythm of everyday life. From Recyclit, we want you to continue being ecological at work and, for that reason, today we are going to give you 5 tips to start recycling in the office and respect the environment more. You will see how working in an eco-friendly environment, besides being your grain of sand to fight against climate change, will make you enjoy a healthier and more comfortable space.


  1. Reduce energy consumption


Turn on only the essential lights, turn off the lights if you are the last to leave the office or leaving a meeting room or the kitchen and take advantage of all the natural light you can, are the three golden rules to reduce the consumption of energy at work. But beware: they are not the only ones! There are other actions that we do automatically on a daily basis and that, without us noticing, cause unnecessary energy expenditure. One of them is, once we have loaded the phone, leave the charger plugged in while we are not using it, simply for the convenience of having it there and for the laziness of keeping it and having to take it out again and again from the drawer. Use your charger whenever you want, but when you do not need it unplug it and return it to your place.


  1. Reduce the use of paper


Now that you have buckets to recycle in the office, this does not mean you can throw kilos of paper every week. As much as possible, we should try to replace communiqués and other printed documents with digital tools, remembering that forests are increasingly threatened by the uncontrolled felling of trees. And if you need to use paper yes or yes, every time you are about to throw away one that you have already used stop to think: is it still available for a second or third use? Notes, lists of tasks to be done, documents to print that are for internal use, do not need an unpolluted paper. You can take advantage of its double side!


  1. Use garbage cans to recycle


In the day to day in the office we usually throw enough quantities of used paper into the bin, along with other organic waste, packaging and wrappings. This habit is the first that needs a radical change. If your company has not yet implemented garbage bins for recycling, you can propose the measure and, once it has been approved, do not forget that the fact that what catches you most by hand is the wastepaper bin next to your table. It means that you cannot recycle at the place you work. Also think that, every time you have to throw something, take the opportunity to take a walk, stretch your legs and clear your mind.



Another custom we have is to leave the computer screen on when we finish the workday and leave the office. Do you know that in this way you are consuming energy unnecessarily throughout the night? From now on, remember to always check that all electronic devices are completely off. It is an action that costs only a few seconds of your time but has great benefits.


If you consider recycling a tedious activity, with Recyclit you can dispose inorganic waste, organic waste and recyclables knowing that you are using an innovative solution made with the most reliable and durable items in the market.