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We know that wheels help give a different touch to your car tires, but do you know why they are important?

The wheels not only make your car’s tires look good outside, they also contribute to the aerodynamic resistance of the vehicle and their weight can make a lot of difference in driving. So, it is no coincidence that manufacturers pay much attention to the design and materials with which they are made.

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For starters, the wheels keep the tires in place, but we can say that in addition to this they have two main uses:

Provide leverage

The rim rotates around bars called axles and for this a certain friction is necessary, which is provided by the tire coming into contact with the pavement when going forward. The rim then magnifies the amount of force applied, which provides leverage. The amount of leverage will depend on how big the rim or wheel is, which also affects the car’s performance.

Changing the size of the wheels also changes the alignment, braking and acceleration, as well as the speedometer calibration. On the other hand, by using larger wheels you can give a sporty look to your car, while smaller ones give it a discreet appearance. Rims are always thought of as a simple decorative or design accessory, but they are not, rims play an important role in suspension, performance and aerodynamics, among other functions unknown to many.

For a car to maintain aerodynamics and resistance, it must have the appropriate rims, which require special attention in terms of their physical conditions, load capacity, and type of material.

Beyond the rim

The assemblers equip the cars with aluminum or steel rims, as they are the cheapest. There are rims that provide greater rigidity and less weight, such as those made of magnesium and alloys.

The rim measurements are divided into several points: number of perforations and distance between them, rim size, rim diameter, as well as backspacing (distance between the rear face of the rim and the rear of the rim), data that should be known to find the best fit for the car, be it sports or classic. There are many models, styles and finishes on the market.

Some drivers, in their eagerness to highlight the beauty of the car, seek to change the rims of the car with modifications that look better, but that in the long term can translate into danger on the road, so before changing them, you must know specific information to achieve the ideals. .

Types of rims

In the market there is a great variety of rims, designs and materials:

Steel: this type of rim is the most common and cheapest, although it is characterized by being heavy. Due to the material, it is difficult to break or break, which facilitates its repair.

Aluminum: it is a characteristic material for being light and resistant. But its main disadvantage is that it has a greater chance of breaking compared to steel rims.

Conventional: this type of rims is those that come from production and installed in production cars. However, its quality varies greatly according to the type of car purchased; depending on the brand they differ in quality.

Magnesium: they are similar to aluminum rims in having the characteristic of lightness, but they are even harder than steel and, therefore, more expensive than the rest.

Alloy: This type of rims are made of a combination of materials, for example: magnesium can be combined with aluminum to make it hard but a little malleable.

Chrome: This type of rims can be made of steel, alloy, among others, but they are characterized by chrome, which is a type of finish on metal, similar to a mirror that will make it shine or reflect on the road.

Tips for the care of rims

Being one of the elements of the car that has contact with the surface, some tips should be taken into account to keep them in optimal conditions:

  • Try to keep the tire with the proper pressure, it is a habit that you will have to learn to avoid damaging the rims with the multiple potholes that we find in the streets and highways.
  • Parking correctly, as sticking too far to the platform can damage not only the rim but also the shape and resistance of the rim, since there are platforms that are high and can scratch them.
  • Try not to clean the rims with abrasive agents as they will lose their shine quickly, with a little water and wax is more than enough to keep them on point.
  • If a mishap occurs with any part of the kidney bent, do not attempt to repair it and take it to a specialist repair shop. Warning: If the blow was very strong, it is better to change the rim for a new one and avoid an accident in the future.
  • If the rims of your car are made of aluminum or magnesium, it is recommended that, when balancing them with the rims on, the leads are glued to the tires.
  • For security, get a security drink, so that you are not caught by thieves and in an oversight end up without rims.

Clean and shiny rims

And now, take note to preserve the shine of your rims with these tips:

  • The best mix to retain their shine is a little soap and water, but if it’s not enough, look for a little bit of tar remover as it will protect the final finish from stains or a bit of wax to protect them from the environment.
  • Never allow tires and rims to be steam washed; hot steam can dull the shine of the rims and the car in general.
  • Avoid cleaning rims when they are hot, as they can dry the soap instantly and leave soap marks or layers on the rim.
  • Never use the same sponge or cloth to clean the rims and the car, as the small particles collected when cleaning the rim can scratch the body.
  • Always remember to clean and care for car rims as they are a major investment and if you know a helpful tip please share it in the comments, a trick to fix or keep them shiny.

At JB Prestige Euro Automotive Service we offer the best services for European cars in our area.