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The parties are probably the moments when more photographs are taken per minute, but the quantity does not always go hand in hand with quality. You will have found on countless occasions that the photographs of a celebration are almost all the same and very similar to those of other parties, the guests in the same pose and in the night or indoor parties, the dark or almost black background, for not say blacker than the mouth of the wolf.

When we talk about parties, we talk about a birthday, a party on a record, a party at the end of the year, a costume party, an anniversary, a party because we feel like it or any other that comes to mind.

They can be day or night, indoor or outdoor, being the conditions very variable, for that reason, we cannot do a tutorial to tell you how to adjust the parameters of your camera, but if we can give you some general advice that They will serve you for any kind of celebration and they will help you to immortalize that moment obtaining some more interesting results. do you want to sign up in the party? So, join me along these 15 tips today.

Here in Fuss photography we make our best in order to keep having services with us. We will capture your happiest moment so you can show it to your beloved ones and they will know you were truly happy about that day, as happy as we hope you will ever be.

15 tips for taking photos in a party

  1. Work in manual mode. The first and most important rule is that if you want to get some interesting photos, you forget about the automatic mode and you get it with the manual mode. Make the shots you need to adjust the appropriate parameters according to the light conditions you have.
  2. Avoid the flash. Whenever you can, avoid it to get more natural photos, although in many cases it will be essential. If you use it indoors and at night, the lens will be very bright but the background will be black and part of the scene will be lost. In case you have to use it, use an external one, the integrated barely covers a very short distance and also you cannot bounce it. And if you want to know how to take photos with natural light do not stop reading this article.
  3. Depth of field. If you photograph guests placed on different planes, you extend the depth of field so that everyone is focused. If they are in the same plane you can reduce the depth and thus obtain more luminous photos.
  4. Upload the ISO. In this type of parties, it is usually more important to capture the moment than to obtain an excellent image quality. Do not be afraid to upload the ISO of your camera if the lighting conditions are limited, even if it means that your photos have some noise. At normal size the noise will hardly be appreciated.
  5. Point measurement. Use the point measurement mode instead of the automatic measurement to ensure a better result.
  6. Shoot in RAW. When shooting in RAW, later you can adjust the white balance. If you do not know what I’m talking about, be sure to read this post.
  7. Take several shots. This way you will be more likely to get a suitable picture in which all the guests come out with their eyes open, in addition you will avoid that the photo is spoiled by a bad gesture from someone you catch unprepared.
  8. Do not forget the rules of composition. At parties we usually leave aside the rules and everything that hugs us, however, in this case you cannot leave the rules of composition. Here is a review. Skip them only when you do it intentionally;).
  9. Capture the preparations. If you have the opportunity, try to capture images of the preparations, your friends or family preparing the food, others placing the decorative elements, the arrival of the first guests who dare to help …
  10. Immortalise the important moments. Anticipate at certain moments of the party and prepare to not miss them. What would be your story if you do not get the moment to blow the candles, a toast, the hug of two family members or friends who have not seen each other for a long time, the opening of gifts …?
  11. Show the environment. When you arrive, take photographs that show the atmosphere and decoration of the place. First make some larger shots that show the whole scene and then focus on the details, these are always important and can tell a lot about any event. Take a moment to photograph parts of the table, food, candles, balloons, mini flags or any other decorative element, also part of the party.
  12. 12. Get spontaneous images. Although you will have to take photos of groups in which the guests pose, try to find spontaneous moments, they will tell much more about the party and they will be more fun to contemplate later.
  13. Be creative. Play with the perspectives, photograph from unusual angles, capture the movement of a dance with slow fillings, improvise a «photocall» … In short, let your imagination fly and get different photos.
  14. Tell a story. Do not limit yourself to taking pictures of people and objects, it’s a party, with a beginning and an end. Tell in images what is happening from start to finish, so that whoever sees the pictures later, can feel what has happened.
  15. Have fun. You’re at a party, do not forget, if you have a good time, your photos will be more cheerful and fun. If you dedicate only to observe through the viewer and see how others have a good time, the task will be much more tedious and the images will not be so interesting.

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