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female underwear

We are back on vacation! How quickly time has passed, right? It is time to start a new stage, recover the routine.

The first thing we do when returning from vacation is to unpack the suitcase and this is a good time to start from scratch, order the underwear drawer, and place all your lingerie garments correctly so that they do not take up so much space and keep them organised.

  • Store underwear: bras. We will begin by explaining how we can keep the bras so that they remain in perfect condition. The best way is to fold the bras in half, hiding a casserole inside the other and placing them side by side. For our organisation, it is better to place the bras with more use in front and those that give them less use behind. An important tip is that strapless bras must be open and horizontal, without changing their original shape.
  • Store underwear: panties. The drawer where we store our panties is possibly the most chaotic of our closet since it is the one, we use the most, but it is essential to keep it tidy above all to keep our underwear in perfect condition to last longer. To do this, and keep the chaos in order, we can use cloth organisers (we find them in stores like Ikea) or make our own organiser from unused cardboard boxes. The smaller the measurements of the spaces, the better we can organise our panties to take the one we need without messing up the rest.

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