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Find an excellent place where you can eat delicious pizzas made by truly skilled professionals. Eat a delicious and healthy pizza here at Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza and enjoy an excellent meal any day of the week! We will be happy to offer you a delicious Italian meal in the shape of a surprising pizza slice that you will remember for a long time.

1 – The first and most important “Making homemade dough”

The first advice of all and the most basic is to lose your fear and jump into making pizza dough at home. Making dough for pizza is very simple. If you have never made pizza dough, follow a traditional recipe to make a pizza dough, and once you do it two or three times you will realize that making pizza dough at home is easier than you think and you can do almost no stain.

2- Put the oven at maximum temperature

One of the main keys to the success of a good pizza is the oven in which it is made. In the wood-fired ovens of the restaurants temperatures of 400-500ºC are reached, although of course they play with the difference of temperatures inside the oven.

If we are not lucky enough to have a professional pizza oven, so we are going to have to settle for our kitchen oven. In principle, the two ovens that are most in the houses are electric and convection. The cooking times of the pizza will be different in each case:

In this case we will put the oven at almost the maximum 240-250ºC with the fan function turned on by placing the pizza in the central tray. At this temperature we will have the pizza ready in 4-5 minutes.

Making pizza in an electric oven: these ovens transfer the temperature worse to the pizza and therefore we have to have the pizza between 10-12 minutes in the oven. A trick is to start by placing the pizza in the lower tray of the oven so that the lower resistance makes the dough crisp and then raise the last two minutes to the upper tray to get the pizza to brown evenly.

3 – Use a stone for the oven

This is something that can be optional since the stone of the furnace has it or you do not have it. The truth is that a good stone costs you between € 25-35 and if you like cooking it is not so expensive, because it is one of these things that if you take care of them last a long time. The good thing about the oven stone is that you get that when you put the dough it loses the moisture much faster and that way you can make the dough much more crunchy.

4 – Pre-bake the dough

This is a trick that for those who do not have stone from the furnace will come very well, although if you have stone you also have it. What’s more, we do it that way. The trick is to put the dough already extended but without any ingredient 1-2 minutes in the oven, just enough to lose some elasticity and go. In this way we can also remove moisture from the dough and make it more crispy.

5 – Use homemade tomato sauce

This may seem silly, but it is not. The pizzas that are based on the tomato, the truth is quite noticeable.

In general, we will always look for tomato sauce to be as dense as possible, and therefore, have a lower water content, and in this way we do not moisten much the dough and get that crunchy touch that we like so much.

6 – Fresh mozzarella or real cheeses

Try to avoid using “Cheese special pizzas” or things like that because for sure they are the remains of cheese processed in a factory, which give them a treatment and they put them as “cheese style” mozzarella. ”

Now a tip, when you use this fresh mozzarella, we usually squeeze it with both hands with a kitchen towel so that it loses maximum moisture and does not spoil the pizza.

7 – Prepare some ingredients beforehand in the pan

Another one of the tricks that we usually do is going through the pan before some of the ingredients of the pizzas. For example, if we’re going to put onions or peppers, first poach them in a frying pan with a little oil and then put them on the pizza. In this way we avoid that the burned or toasted ingredients remain.

8 – Do not use many ingredients

Another basic thing is to be very clear that you want to make pizzas. A pizza has to carry a base that can be tomato, one or two ingredients, and then a topping such as a pesto, a paste of olives or a poor parmesan, etc. Putting many ingredients to the pizza in the end you get that the pizza does not know anything and you cannot differentiate well the flavours.

9 – Pour the fresh ingredients at the end

Another of my tricks is to put some raw ingredients once you take the pizza out of the oven. For example, this works very well if you use cured meat or bresaola, anchovies or anchovies, foie etc. In this way what you get is that the ingredient is not toasted in the oven and the pizza has much more flavour.

10 – A bit of Parmesan or other cheese to decorate

Finally, we usually grate a bit of Parmesan, pecorino or grana padano once we have finished making the pizza. The truth is that gives it very good flavour.

Eat a delicious and healthy pizza here at Romeo’s Woodfired Pizza and enjoy an excellent meal any day of the week with gourmet specialised people prepared to cook delicious pizzas with an unmatched flavour. Contact us today for more information about our pizzas.