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There are a thousand reasons to celebrate a children’s party will not be lacking, but what is the ideal party for your child? What should you prepare? How many guests can there be? Know the keys of children’s parties so that success is assured.

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Birthday Party

Celebrate a party in which your child is the protagonist is an event that you must prepare well in advance. And do not forget to go telling him what is going to happen that day to avoid that emotion and nerves prevent him from enjoying the party.

The guests

The number of guests to the party will depend on the age of the child, the space you have, if your child goes to school or not and the relatives you want to invite. First of all, remember that the party is for your enjoyment, not for your commitments. Let him decide who he invites. Establish a maximum number, which can range between 8 and 10 so you can have all of them under control and organise games in which everyone participates.

If he is still young and goes to school, ask his teacher which children he plays with most at recess. From the age of 4 you will be able to create the list on your own. If you do not go to school, invite the friends you play with at the park and family and friends with children of similar age.

The snack

Make a menu suitable for children. The secret to take them is a novel and striking presentation. You can find ideas for your snacks all around the internet. If you are older, try to involve him in the preparation of the snack by asking him to help you with the sandwiches or give your ideas to decorate the homemade cake that you plan to prepare.

Where would you celebrate it?

Until your children’s 4th birthday, it is best to prepare a party at home. Children will be more comfortable and you can organise games and have them under control. From then on you can choose between doing it at home or elsewhere.

If you prefer to celebrate outside, the leisure parks, zoos, aquariums, farms, schools and toy libraries are a highly recommended option. They are safe places and designed for the fun of the little ones, who will bring a special touch to the birthday. You will also find information in our useful addresses. It will cost more but you will only have to worry about the invitations.

If you decide to celebrate at home, you can hire the services of a clown, magicians, a bouncy castle, puppets or a storyteller. Contact them through our useful addresses.

The piñata

Indispensable at any children’s party. Do you want to make your own piñata? We tell you how to proceed. You only have to fill it with trinkets, mufflers, whistles and small cotillion type toys.

The games

There is no fun birthday party without games. Forget about improvising on the fly. You’ll have to be the cheerleader and with putting the kids in gear, you’ll have plenty. Make a list of games thinking of alternating a more active with a quieter one, a physical one and another more thinking. Prepare and have everything you need to do it -material, music, awards.

If the party is going to be a costume, prepare masks for everyone, hats and material to paint their faces. The games will have to be specific

Ideas for Children’s Games:

– Egg and spoon: the classic game of putting a spoon in the mouth and take that egg to another place with the egg on the spoon and pass it to another partner. If the drop the egg, they lose.

– Sack races: find some potato sacks and use them for a race.

– Test your strength: organise a championship with a rope from which a child will pull from each end; the child who wins keeps playing with another child, the one who loses is eliminated.

– Piñata: the piñata is a must at children’s parties in Latin America, they are colourful pieces of art children can have fun with and they will receive a reward after breaking it. Full of surprises!

– Bingo: to finish all together and more relaxed, you can organise a bingo with your cards and some beans or pens to cross the numbers. Sure, you have one at home.

– The snack table: popcorn, sweet cotton, caramelised apples, chips, mini hamburgers, mini sandwiches of all tastes, churros with chocolate, waffles, ice cream. Are just some of the thousands of possibilities you can offer.

– The table of drinks: smoothies, juices, lemonade and, above all, a lot of water. Keep in mind that you can also rent one of our slushy machines to keep your party full of cold drinks and smoothies.

Decoration Ideas

Decorate each table or stand in a way, with coloured tablecloths, a customisable poster with the name and prize of the game, pennants of triangles, an example photo (if you do a previous general rehearsal, you can take photos of the games and print them), a blackboard to record the scores of each test, medals for the winners, … garlands and balloons will complete the decoration.

At the snack table, colourful glasses and small plates (All for the Table section) or if you do not have a budget just use the classic white ones.  In this case, the most important thing is the decoration of the entrance: you have to create expectation!

Prepare a welcome table with streamers, confetti, balloons and a large board on which you can attach a picture of the child celebrating the special occasion