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The evolution of the blinds through the centuries has been surprising to this day. However, technology has prepared us progress, even more incredible, for the next decades. In this post we do not intend to perform a science fiction exercise. We simply want to take a look at the homes of the future and the mechanisms that, perhaps, regulate the entry of light into houses.

The systems we are going to describe are not exactly blinds, although they perform similar functions. Will they be compatible with the current ones or will they end up replacing them? Time will answer this question, although it seems obvious that, in many cases, these sophisticated mechanisms will not be able to compete with current blinds in aspects such as security, for example.

Some years ago, multinationals such as Philips presented prototypes of smart crystals, which left more than one with their mouths open. This brand-named Daylight a hotel room of the future, equipped with a smart window. It showed animated silhouettes, which prevented the passage of light. The user could change the drawing that appeared on the surface with a simple hand movement. The guest regulated the number of figures and, therefore, the light that penetrated the room.

This breakthrough is actually a liquid crystal sandwich, based on Philips Active Glass technology. We are facing a window with a live blind, initially designed to be used in public centers, which takes natural light as an element of inspiration and that allows to generate internal environments, darken the room and modify the colors at the user’s discretion.

This “blind of the future” could also be used as a modern natural alarm clock, programming the silhouettes to activate or deactivate at a certain time. In addition, the Wake-up function allows a gradual transition from total darkness to fullness of the exterior light. The device is equipped with a therapeutic light zone, which uses chromotherapy to relax the mind. And a more than revolutionary performance: it is possible to control the level of external sound that penetrates the room.

We are undoubtedly facing a window to the future. However, it remains to develop and refine the system so that it is marketed massively. In any case, these types of devices cannot replace conventional blinds, especially in aspects such as security.

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A preview of how the blinds of the future will be

The technology that moves smart blinds is not a science fiction thing even if it seems. Blinds models and their materials have evolved greatly over the years, but new technologies will bring us more amazing advances. In 2007 multinational companies such as Philips presented smart crystal prototypes. They were called Daylight and regulated the lighting of a hotel room in the near future.

In that room, there was an intelligent window that showed animated silhouettes, which served to moderate the entry of sunlight into the room. The guest could vary the drawing that appeared on the surface of the window with simple movements of his hands. He could also regulate the number of figures and the shadow in the room.

It is believed that in the homes of the future there will no longer be blinds like those we know today, because they will switch to this revolutionary smart window technology that regulates the entry of light through the Daylight system.

The big question is whether they will be compatible with the current blinds or will end up replacing them completely. Time will give us an answer. However, we imagine that Daylight’s sophisticated mechanism cannot be measured with traditional security, maintenance and price blinds.

This is just an exercise in curiosity and “taking a trip to the future” to see the wonders that new technologies bring us.

How does this new technology work?

It’s like a liquid crystal sandwich that uses Philips Active Glass technology. It is a window that has a living blind. It will be installed, initially, in hotels, hospitals and airport waiting rooms. Take natural sunlight and generate environments. You can darken a room, design figures or silhouettes in the windows and change the colors according to our wishes.

It could be used as a natural alarm of last generation, programming the silhouettes to activate or deactivate at a certain time. In addition, the Wake-up function allows a gradual transition from dark to fuller exterior light.

It has devices with an area of ​​therapeutic light, which uses chromotherapy to relax and also allows us to control the level of outside sounds that enter the rooms. It allows us to isolate ourselves visually and acoustically, according to our wishes to achieve total relaxation.

At this stage this technology is developed and perfected before its commercialization. But it is sure to be the window of the future. What we do not know is if in the average housing it will replace the conventional blind.

Technology has modified our daily lives and will continue to do so. It is a constant finding alternative such as motorised Curtains, among other options that make everyday life more bearable, which allows us to dream of fully automated homes.

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