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If you’ve ever heard of mink fur eyelash extensions, then you must be familiar with these standard terms that companies throw at their users. They do so to convince them that these products are made without any consequence or harm. Stuff like “100% cruelty-free” or “pure vegan.” It’s alright to use these terms, a lot of genuine companies do use them, our products also have these terms used. However, it is not alright to lie to your consumers about the nature of your product’s manufacturer. Mink fur eyelashes are such a popular product because of how natural, realistic and beautiful they are. They are as smooth as silk eyelashes while also seamlessly blending with the eyes of its wearer. Mink fur eyelashes have become a staple product in the cosmetic industry that needs to leave. The companies that sell these eyelashes advertise themselves to be cruelty-free and that these furs are ethically harvested. However, that’s quite hard to believe.


The Actual Truth Behind Fake Lashes

Their explanation on how these furs are harvested involves, collecting fallen fur and gently brushing the animals to collect the fur. Anyone who believes this is fooling themselves. Some of the world’s best eyelashes brands are the leading suppliers of mink fur eyelashes. These companies have a massive demand for such products. So, it is unreasonable to believe that they “gently brush” these animals and make do with the handful of fur they get from them. These companies get away with lying to their consumers because the customers want to believe they are telling the truth. We’re here to put an end to that facade. Consumers need to know that there is no harmless way these animals can be exploited for their fur. The animals are claimed to be freely kept in a “mink farm,” which is also hard to believe when you consider the very nature of these creatures. If a company were to let these animals roam freely in an enclosed space, their aggressive nature would cause them to harm one another constantly. This is bad for their business and will result in loss of minks. So, what is the actual truth? Well, there are several documented footage and accounts of minks being locked in tiny, wire-bottomed cages. These animals are semi-aquatic creatures, and water is an essential aspect of their life. Life in these farms prohibit their natural lifestyle and inhibits their freedom entirely. A mink in the wild would roam freely for miles on land and water. They are held captive like they are some domestic animals. This unbelievable level of inhumanity is common practice in the industry, and the only way to put an end to it is to subvert consumer demands.


Measures Being Taken

Plenty of organisations and members of the public have approached companies that claim to sell cruelty-free mink eyelashes to prove the authenticity of their methods. All of these companies disregarded the requests or gave a generic response to the queries. Their inability to answer tells us that their practices are less than safe and that things could be even worse for these little creatures. We are also aware of little-known facts like how these animals are killed once their fur becomes a thick winter coat. The fur that the customers use is either harvested before they are killed or afterwards. It feels less than human to wear the fur of an animal tortured to death. Being part of the same industry as these companies, we have dedicated our efforts to raise awareness. We even provide quality alternatives to the consumers that are bothered by these actions.


Fortunately, organisations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are reliable and powerful voices that also stand against such injustice. PETA has seen our efforts and recognised us as a valid ally of animal rights. If any of our consumers are doubtful of our claims, they can check PETA’s list of trusted cosmetic companies, or they can contact us directly. We are completely transparent of our manufacturing methods. We do not sell animal products. We replicate the quality and feel these animal products provide with premium quality synthetic silk lashes and precise manufacturing techniques. This helps us create silk lashes and vegan false eyelashes of high quality.


The Power Consumers Hold

As a company, our full efforts go into making products that are suitable alternatives to these animal products. We use social media to raise awareness among people. But real change is in the power of the consumers. You have the power to change the industry completely by showing an increase in demand for synthetic products that are proven to be genuine. We are among the best eyelash brands that offer cruelty-free vegan false eyelashes and silk lashes completely. By purchasing our products and spreading the word about what we are doing for the beauty community, you are helping pave a new path for the cosmetic industry to take. A path that doesn’t involve mink farms and fur products. Switch to a vegan lash that matches the quality of your previous product. You can browse our collection of silk lashes that have a 3D look and will perfectly blend with your eyes regardless of the eye shape. We have tons of lashes in our collection each of which are unique in its feel and use. Our lashes can be worn for special occasions and casual everyday use.


So, if you want to make a difference in the cosmetic industry then start by purchasing genuine cruelty-free products from best eyelashes brand. You can contact us regarding any queries you may have on our manufacturing methods, the various type of products we have, etc. Tigress Beauty is transparent in the methods. We support communication with our customers. Help us support these poor animals by putting an end to the manufacture of these products.