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This month starts the wedding season and with it, the guests give the kick-off to the active and inexhaustible search for dress. Long or short?, touched or tiara of flowers?, heels or dancers?, the questions are endless.

To the difficult choice of costumes are added the protocol rules that mark in detail what you should, can and are not allowed to wear at a wedding. Although over the years the nuptial protocol has lost strength and the bride and groom are giving more and more flexibility to their guests regarding the dress code, there are five unbreakable rules in a wedding that every guest must know and respect.

When you choose one of our dresses at Lucy and Loo, you are not buying one model alone but many. In only a few steps you can take your convertible dress and make it look like a new one.

  1. Prohibited black and white

Black is one of the colours that feel better but unfortunately, the bridal protocol forbids it. “The protocol stipulates that the only event you can go completely black is a funeral,” explained protocol expert. However, there is a colour even more forbidden than black and that only, if the bride allows it, can she take: white.

White is the colour of the bride. It points out the protagonist, together with the groom, of the event so that in no case should this tone be worn without the explicit permission of the person who marries. You will not want to overshadow the bride.

  1. The thousand and one ‘buts’ of headdresses

The headdress is a must in British royal weddings. In recent years we have experienced a ‘boom’ of this trend and now we see it continuously at weddings. But putting on a headdress requires a series of obligations and protocol rules to follow. The headdress or hat can only be worn at a wedding day, that is, when the ceremony is in the morning and the midday dinner.

In addition, experts point out, “if you wear a headdress or a hat, you cannot get it out of the entire ceremony, not even in the event.” The only time you can free yourself from the accessory is when the part of the dance begins, in modern times, the disco.

  1. The dress code: What the couple says goes to mass

There is a rule in the nuptial protocol that curiously, if it is imposed by the couple, annuls any of the exposed in this article. The bride and groom decide ultimately the ‘dress code’ of the guests so what they say goes to mass. Do you want a medieval wedding? The guests should preen according to the theme, do they want a white Ibizan wedding? Everyone to look for dresses and costumes of this colour.

In this sense, experts remind us that we must respect the requests of the couple, however crazy they may seem. It is their day and they have to be able to live it as they see it in their imagination and, of course, as their pocket allows them.

  1. You have to put up with the guy until the party

Although the guests do not have half the rules as the guests, they must take into account a couple of things. “They cannot take off the jacket at any time of the ceremony or treat,” warns the protocol expert. In fact, this standard can be extrapolated to all the accessories a man can bring to a wedding. The bow tie or tie, the cuffs or, in the case of the groom, the morning coat.

  1. Mothers, the boyfriend chooses colour first

The mothers of the bride and groom are guests of honour. They are also, in part, protagonists and therefore can choose the colour and shape that they please. However, your wardrobe is subject to a single claim that, more than once, may bring conflicts.

“The mother of the groom has to choose the colour of his dress first and notify the other mother” so they do not repeat tonality,” says the expert and adds that it is one of the most traditional rules in bridal protocol.

  1. For the day, short. At night, long

The golden rule of weddings, but the most no one in these times is the length of the dress according to the type of wedding that is attended. At weddings at night you have to go long, while in the day ceremonies you have to wear a short dress. And what is short? While it is not up to the feet it enters the measure.

Why settle for a dress if you can have two? You do not know if it will be your only wedding so it will be best to make the most of them. There are convertible dresses that allow you to wear a long dress at the ceremony and a short dress to enjoy 100% your party.

Some things you didn’t know about convertible dresses

  • A simple bow can completely transform this garment.
  • People will never imagine that you are wearing a convertible dress.
  • It will look like you bought two, when in reality it has always been one.
  • No matter how elegant it looks, it can be convertible.
  • You can have everything on that special day.
  • Only the tail is removed from this dress.
  • Imagine the photos you are going to have!
  • Can you imagine the faces of the guests when they see that you are already wearing “another dress”?
  • It is easy to remove, you do not even need to go to a dressing room to do it.
  • So, you can take it off in the middle of the track and surprise everyone.
  • A beautiful jumpsuit for the occasion. It is perfect at a beach wedding.

Remember that here at Lucy and Loo you can buy premium quality and elegant convertible dresses that you can wear more than one time by wrapping it around your body in a unique way.