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Pizza may have become the most exported and globalised food in the world. They were the first Italian immigrants in the United States, Venezuela and Argentina in the early and mid-twentieth century who, with much regret, could not think of a life without the basis of their diet. And that’s how this iconic food spread across the world, because of the nostalgia, the simplicity of cooking it and the ease of consuming it. Like everyone.

So much so that we have even known in recent days the news of the creation by a team of scientists of the “eternal pizza” that lasts three years without being frozen or losing their properties. This project was carried out in order to diversify the menu of American soldiers, since it is one of their favorited foods.

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The Italian pizza draws the colours of its own flag: the green of the basil, the white of the mozzarella and the red of the tomato sauce. But what is the secret to make it perfect?

Adding quality ingredients is essential

The ingredients, the type of oven and the art of «pizzaiolo». The flour must be adequate, the yeast, the best, and the water very refined, so that it does not give a rough flavour to the dough”.

Knowing the precise amounts is as basic as having a good arm to knead the base. In this way, professionals establish the following doses for four pizzas of 30 centimetres in diameter: 20 grams of salt, 1 kilo of flour, 25 grams of baker’s yeast, 600 millilitres of water and six tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

Once we stretch the dough, add all the ingredients we want and once ready, put in the wood oven at an optimum temperature to cook it at once, without removing it until it is golden.

Roman pizza or Neapolitan pizza?

For most people there are only two types of pizzas, the Roman and the Neapolitan, and both agree that the great difference between the two is the thickness of the dough. The pizza in Rome is a little fatter, roasted and crispy, and the pizza in Naples is thinner, softer and with a high edge.

For most Italians, the pizza they like the most is the “Margarita”, created on the occasion of the visit of Queen Margarita to Naples in 1889, and composed of the basic ingredients: tomato, mozzarella and basil. It is a basic and simple dish that allows you to feel the true taste of a good dough in your mouth.

The pizza business at the cut (“pizza al taglio”) is increasingly fashionable in the main cities of the world. These are shop windows in which the customer chooses a piece and consumes it quickly while walking on the street, when leaving a nightclub or when he finishes doing some shopping. The quality of the ingredients can be excellent, the sponge, by the type of oven used, is not the same as that of a pizza restaurant.

The 6 original pizza types

These are the 6 original types of pizza, everything else you see is a modern variation.

  • Napolitana: this is the original pizza, which has been in force since the 18th century, and its basic ingredients are the dough, tomato and mozzarella. The dough is left to rise for at least twelve hours and the kneading is done by hand. It is a very thin pizza with 35 centimetres in diameter, an edge one to two centimetres thick and 0.4 centimetres in the centre, which is not left in the oven at 500 degrees more than a minute.
  • New York Pizza Style: The disk is 45 centimetres in diameter and the dough includes water, sugar and olive oil as well as flour. On the other hand, it is very thin so that you have to bake little and you can eat bent in the street. In addition, the tomato is quite spicy with garlic, oregano and chilli pepper, which gives it a characteristic flavour . Finally, it does not usually bring fresh mozzarella but low in humidity.
  • Pizza a Taglio: It is perhaps the most modern variant and is designed to cut in strips and eat it on the street. It is made in metal trays where it is placed dough with higher hydration and left more time in the oven so that it comes out spongy. It also has a broad base of cheese, where the ingredients go.
  • Pizza Argentina: Argentine pizza can be differentiated because it is more fluffy than Neapolitan or New York style pizza. This is due to the fact that it takes more yeast in its preparation in order that it does not need to have a levado (fermentation) so slow: it is that you only have to wait three or four hours in the levado of the dough. Another characteristic touch is that they carry a lot of cheese, so much that it exceeds the edges of the disc.
  • Chicago Pizza Style: Chicago style pizza is designed to be a complete dish, which can be eaten on the way to work or back. For this reason, the dough, which includes a bit of corn flour, is baked inside a deep metallic dish covered in olive oil, so that it leaves some edges raised to fill and a toasted and solid bottom that holds the weight of the cheese and the ingredients. You have to think that is filled, in addition to the tomato, with half a kilo of mozzarella.
  • Sfincione: It’s a fluffy pizza, thin – no more than one centimetre thick – and square typical of Sicily. It is very sparse in ingredients, since it usually does not take more than tomato sauce, onion, anchovies, oregano and a little typical Sicilian cheese, but never mozzarella. There is a New York version that is known as ‘Sicilian pizza’.

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