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The Advantages of Cotton Underwear

Many times, it is difficult to find a bra size that suits our needs. If you see chafing you are not choosing the right one. The truth is that it does not matter if we choose one with padding or a sports one, what we should always keep in mind is if the size is really adequate for our breasts.

According to a study carried out a few years ago by the corsetry firm «Pillow Bra» in collaboration with the University of Barcelona (Spain) almost 70% of women wear bras that are not suitable for our bust.

Either they are small, or the rings do not fit properly to the shape of our breasts.

It is an important aspect that is well worth considering because all this causes more than one consequence in our health.

What happens if you don’t wear a suitable bra?

The bras are not only those garments that embellish our figure and that give us a sexy air. They also serve a practical purpose that we must take into account.

You should know that bras have a type of textile architecture that aims to support, mould and contain the chest through a system of adequate pressures, which we should not notice at any time.

However, sometimes chafing, redness, and other problems associated with an incorrect size that you should know appear.

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