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The trends move the world of decoration, and make you can classify almost any home you step on from the elements that make it up: furniture, materials, colors, lighting …

Next, we make a quick review of the main features of the decorative styles that triumph in almost the whole world, so that you know how to give that touch to your house, how to combine objects, or distribute elements chasing one or the other environment.

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Today our professionals show you the 8 most popular decorating styles worldwide, so you know how to decorate your home with global trends.

Nordic style

Although the appearance of most of your furniture could fit into this personality, the Nordic style goes much further. Especially as regards raw material.

Because natural materials are the absolute protagonists in the Nordic style. And above all, wood. Those with light shades, such as maple, oak, beech or pine, usually cover their floors – laid out as a general rule – and compose their furniture – in their natural color or in light tones: white, mint, beige, soft gray.

The Scandinavian style seeks simplicity and rational order in storage, but above all it tries to take full advantage of natural light, something that in the north is scarce for much of the year.

Complements, better with natural inspiration. And contrasts with bright colors with a bright point, like the yellow ones, are welcome.

Rustic Style

If the Nordic fits in almost any home, with the rustic the opposite happens: the same structural elements of the house must already invite to collect this rural and authentic atmosphere. It is not necessary to live in the mountains or the countryside, of course, but it does not make sense to get rustic in a small apartment in the center of the city.

At least, it is preferable to have exposed wooden beams, stone walls, an iron fireplace … elements with country character that give rise to invoke the spirit of the people through the decoration.

It incorporates fearless handicraft pieces to enrich the environment, noble and aged woods, tools of yesteryear – such as farm tools, for example – and everything made in forging that you can imagine: from a headboard to a lamp or a closet.

Industrial Style

One of our favorites and very much in vogue this year: everything is in sight in it, from bricks and metal beams, to pipes. The same thing happens with furniture: they can be in any state, show cracks, bumps, and metal curls. It means authenticity, and it is what is sought.

The industrial one is an anarchic tendency, in which you can mix without fear an object of 70 years ago and another futuristic one, and it will most likely look great.

Gray and copper tones are the protagonists, and when coming from England almost two centuries ago, in the middle of the Industrial Revolution, the absence of natural light is presupposed. Something that is compensated with strong lamps and bulbs, which generate powerful chiaroscuro at night.

If you like this trend and consider installing very powerful light sources in your home, check the status of your electrical installation first.

Oriental style

It does not come from an era, but from a region. China and Japan are the referents, and can be reinterpreted in the key of any of the other styles, although it is normal for minimalism, balance in forms, horizontality and order to reign.

It is a style that also promotes calm and relaxation, something that is achieved sensually with candles and incenses. The shades of wood, white and black are fundamental, providing very strong contrasts inspired by Yin and Yang.

Lacquered furniture in black, ocher and red tones are house brand. And soft purples, such as lilac or lavender, usually dress the walls. In the living rooms, the tatamis, and in the bedrooms, the futons, are reminiscent of oriental comfort and intimacy.

Retro or Vintage Style

It is easy to confuse with vestiges of other styles, since the furniture that characterises the vintage is Provencal, the inspiration is natural (as in the rustic trend) and the presence of flowers and plants in the prints can lead us to think of the romantic.

The setting of this trend takes us to the 30s of the last century, in which wood and forging (but finer and more urban than in the rustic style) will help us strengthen an air that we can also promote by placing promotional posters of the time, which today abound in all decoration stores.

Minimalist style

Mies van der Rohe directed the Bauhaus between 1930 and 1933. This German architect said that less is more, and if you like the minimalist style, you will know that you must select each element well, because here, unlike in the Arab world, there is panic to the accumulation

The smallest possible amount of furniture is strict norm, and forget about filling shelves and other surfaces with useless objects. The same applies to colors: part of white to combine with another. And at most, in addition, with the black to contrast.

The geometry, the very stylised lines, the forms that challenge the logic and seek balance with the least amount of area possible … get inspired by looking at the chairs that van der Rohe devised, such as the Mr or the Barcelona, ​​and you will see that a bit of Metal attached to materials such as leather in its slightest expression are the norm.

Romantic style

Another movement that seems to be in retreat but that we include because it has many followers in the Anglo-Saxon and French-speaking worlds.

It may be very sweet and overly sweet for many, but it is cosy, as it is expressed through warm tones – reds, roses – and cakes in general.

Wallpaper – by the way, do you know how to remove wallpaper from your walls? – and the flowers are applied to padded and buttoned surfaces, curtains with a lot of flying and large chandeliers, as well as candles.

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