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To help operators of large loads to distribute the weight in the trailer, it is better to take

How much the load we will carry on the trip weighs and the sum of both pesos to calculate the total

  • The maximum the trailer can support
  • How the cargo will fit inside the trailer box
  • Trailer services that must be done as travel arrangements

Taking this information into account, it is possible to distribute the weight that the trailer will carry and the format in which it should be loaded.

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Exploitation of the axes

The axles of the trailer are usually the points where you can load more weight, but this would cause them greater resistance that should be compensated with automotive grease and eventually end up wearing down the components prematurely.

Axles Trailer Cargo

The ideal weight distribution in a trailer to avoid unnecessary effort of the axles and suspension. Moving the axes over the box will simply help level the center of gravity, but it will not help reduce the effort of the crucial elements.

Weight distribution

The way we distribute the weight horizontally is essential to reach a maximum level of trailer stability and also to protect the load as much as possible. The way in which the pallets are arranged should cover as much as possible to achieve this.

Cargo Trailer Distribution

Covering the width of the trailer significantly helps the handling and safety of the trailer. It is usually a bit obvious, but to facilitate the movement if you have more than one delivery, they must be in the order in which the loads will be delivered, with the goods separated and identified.

Service before going on a trip

Before going on a trip, you must ensure that all the elements are working correctly so that the trip is safe and we can increase the chances of arriving in time and manner to deliver or collect the merchandise. Therefore, we must review the following elements before starting a trip:

Engine oil level, if low, refill, if necessary, make an oil change

  • Antifreeze level and condition
  • Lubrication and greasing of truck parts
  • Tire condition
  • Air filters and lubricating oil
  • Remember to follow all our tips to become a safer trailer driver and keep our roads safer.

Trailer Driver Tips

Driving a trailer is not something that once learned, it is completely mastered. It takes kilometers and kilometers of driving to become an expert, and every time you get in the vehicle you face a lot of variables that you have never seen, so you must learn on the go and renew yourself every time you face something new.

When you start, you should make sure to create habits that will make your day more bearable and will help you avoid embarrassing situations, which also put your physical integrity, the people around you and your trailer at risk

After parking, check your trailer

It sounds simple, but it is worth checking that there are no lights on that can drain the battery charge of the trailer. For this, once you’ve parked the trailer, and you’re moving away from it, just turn to see it: you’ll make sure everything is in order.

Make a maintenance calendar

It doesn’t matter if your trailer is new or used, make a trailer maintenance schedule that covers all aspects of the vehicle. In this way you can shovel around the trips you have to do and you will keep your trailer rolling many, indeed many, more kilometers.

Trailer Engine Maintenance Proper

A trailer engine with proper maintenance is retained as new for longer. Do not forget to always include the trailer oil change schedule, as this will be the most important to keep the trailer engine in good condition for much longer. Changing the trailer oil will ensure that your engine parts last longer, so your operating costs will be lower.

Inspection before traveling

Before leaving and starting this business trip, you will have to do an inspection and ensure that everything is in order. The points to review are:

  • If any maintenance of the trailer will cross the dates of the trip. If yes, do it before leaving
  • Engine levels, both lubricating oil and antifreeze
  • Brakes
  • Rims
  • Bands
  • Spare tires
  • Covered
  • Hooks
  • Valves
  • Grease in moving parts

It is also important to bring the parts and spare parts that may be necessary, such as bulbs, bands and all the necessary tools to make simple repairs during the trip and so you can continue your way.

Do not look sharply to avoid an animal

The laws of physics, especially inertia, are not a child’s play. When we are talking about a loaded trailer, at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour on a highway, the reactions and consequences of a serious imbalance can be catastrophic.

Keep your eyes on the road

One of the main causes of accidents in our country is because drivers take their eyes off the road due to distraction or fatigue from long hours behind the wheel. Do not become a danger when driving and better leave the phone and radio aside. If you are tired do not hesitate to stop in a safe place to rest a little and recharge energy.

Do not hesitate to ask

During your journeys you will be surrounded by a large number of carriers like you, so if you have any questions or need help, the worst thing you can do is not ask your colleagues.

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