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Cotton is the best material for the skin. Indeed, it is a hypoallergenic fibre. People with sensitive skin favour this material and for this reason babies, children, usually wear cotton clothes. This prevents irritations and allergies. Here at Mary’s Secret Boutique you can easily place your order for a couple of deluxe garments and they will be delivered to your house.

We speak of a simple, pleasant material that adapts to any type of physiognomy. It is necessary to adapt the shape of the clothes correctly and not to choose it too tight, since it is an easy ironing material but that also narrows with the first washing.

The cotton is absorbent and breathable, for these reasons it is so comfortable. The vegetable cotton fibre can absorb up to 8.5% of its weight in water. This absorbent property allows cotton to be used in piles of body and skin care garments.

Cotton is inexpensive and is perceived as a natural and healthy product. In fact, it is very healthy for the contact of the mucous membranes. In addition, cotton has a good air permeability, allowing skin respiration.

Cotton fibre represents just over one third of the production of global textile fibres. For other types of fibres, we include synthetic and artificial fibres, but also materials such as wool, linen, and silk. This annual world cotton production represents an impressive figure that reaches up to 27 million tons per year.

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