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Nowadays, organisations are immersed in the competition of the digital world. The influence that social media exercises on users forces companies to use this type of marketing. Taking the opportunity to promote their corporate image and to advertise their products and attract new potential customers. It will depend on the communication strategy implemented, the achievement of goals in digital media. Take into account the differences that exist between the different types of networks, and the target audience. Social networks as a sales strategy are an excellent contribution to marketing and sales departments.

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This important tool allows managing the extremes, from showing corporate profiles to measuring the level of sales of a certain product. The result will serve to make adjustments, if applicable, in the strategies. To achieve a positive impact in the commercialisation of products or services, it is essential to plan, design and execute campaigns in social networks in a strategic way. It is necessary to keep close relationship with the rest of the actions that the company has launched in other media.

It is essential to establish clear goals, otherwise all efforts made during the process would be unsuccessful. We must put the ideas in order, have discipline and perseverance in the strategies established in the campaign. Define in which sites we will publish, decide the degree of presence and the exact metrics that should be used. To achieve the desired impact, social networks as a sales strategy must effectively meet smart objectives. This is audit and monitoring, content strategy, measurement and adjustment of digital strategies.

Among the social networks available for publishing we find generic ones such as Facebook. This social network is today one of the most popular in practically the entire world. Few exceptions such as China, where Weibo is the most used social networking website. Twitter is a network for publishing and exchanging information through brief comments. There are also professional networks such as LinkedIn, which covers those who share the workplace. Others are thematic networks that relate people to specific topics such as Flickr. This is used for thematic photography and videos on the internet.

Adjusting social network strategies to current needs

Currently organisations are constantly adjusting the strategies used in campaigns. Due to the high competition and the increasing affiliation of suppliers of products and services. Hence the need for attractive content to users, to overcome the competition. Even though users of social networks are increasing every day, it is important to take into account the time indicated to make the publications, otherwise the effort would be useless.

Other aspects to consider when using social networks as a sales strategy, is the establishment of an adequate brand language, according to which one wants to project clients or future clients. Due to a good level of credibility, users will quickly see the importance of the publications. The construction of a successful brand name is essential. Branding is a process of building a brand that improves the image of a company. In turn, branding affects the perception and positioning of a brand. The monitoring of social media is key, because the feedback must be maintained with users and followers. You have to show users the importance they represent. Be respectful, not exclude, respond timely concerns, resolve disagreements, use appropriate language and recognise errors.

The companies that select social networks as a sales strategy must analyse very well what they want to project. The publications must go to the indicated users, according to the market to which they want to impact. Having clear goals, specific objectives, prepared all the social media team, it is time to produce attractive content. You must choose the best keywords that generate a lot of traffic. This will increase sales and more potential customers. A point of support is based on the content generated by the users of digital media. Take the positive contents and taking special care with the negative contents.

“The communication and social media marketing strategy of the company has to be in correspondence with the different communication and marketing strategies that the company is developing in other media. In this way, social media becomes another support placed at the service of the company to communicate with its customers, which must also be within this strategy.

Another aspect that should be taken into account in campaigns is to use the Hootsuite tool. In fact, Hootsuite helps to establish clear objectives, how they will be obtained, review and improvement of the profile in social networks and the measurement of success. This template is very important because it helps you throughout the process. You can set the objectives of the company in the network, to evaluate the behaviour and apply the adjustments that merit the strategy originally adopted. It is an important tool for companies that establish social networks as a sales strategy.

Digital marketing complements traditional marketing

The marketing strategies that are implemented in social networks are translated into what is called digital marketing. This is a complement to traditional marketing. New networks and tools are constantly emerging that allow for accurate readings and measurements of the strategies employed. The possibility of exchanging a large amount of information is impressive. This is due to the evolution of the digital world and what we know today as web 2.0.

In the digital field, it has the support of the SEO tool (Search Engine Optimisation). Through it, it is possible to position a web page and with this position a company, products and services, which generates a greater volume of users on the website. There are several search engines among which we find Google, one of the most important today.

With the emergence of social media, companies have effective tools that also serve as revenue generators. These tools are faithful friends of the marketing and sales departments. Organizations should invest in hiring the services of professionals trained in social media or train their staff to establish and carry out social media campaigns as a sales strategy. Although it would involve investing in the recruitment of specialised personnel and appropriate web equipment; With the planning that is set and the strategies that are implemented, the companies would guarantee the return of the investment.

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