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Summer is the ideal time to celebrate parties, especially if we have a garden, a terrace or an outdoor space where we can arrange everything. It does not matter if it’s a children’s birthday party, a gathering of friends or to celebrate something special. The idea is to surprise your guests.

And today we will tell you 6 top ideas to organise colourful summer parties. Remember that slushies and smoothies bring a colourful, refreshing and tasty touch to your party and here at Snow Flow South Australia you can rent your slushy machines today.

Balloons and pennants for decoration

At any party, specially if it is a children party, balloons or pennants cannot be absent. Balloons of different sizes, shapes and colours along with pennants cut by you to personalise decoration to the maximum.

Tropical decoration is more fashionable than ever. Balloons with drawings such as pineapples or palm trees, pink lemonade, plastic cutlery or some robellini leaves can be excellent choices decorate the tables will give the perfect touch to the party. You can also put some parrots or tropical birds in bright colours.

A wheelbarrow to cool drinks

Once you have arranged decoration, that old barrow you have in the garage or in the ice-filled storage room can serve as an impromptu beverage cooler. Also, you can put a garland of lights in the corner where you put it to show that you have installed it with all the intention of the world. Keep in mind that you can also rent one of our slushy machines to keep your party full of cold drinks and smoothies.

A champagne bucket with flowers

If the wheelbarrow seems too industrial for you and you are more of the typical champagne style, mix the ice with delicate and simple flowers.

A bar for juices

If the weather is very hot, your guests will greatly appreciate that you offer them a juice bar with different flavours. Prepare several jars, point out what type of juice each contains by handmade labels or by slate, prepare some trays or bowls with sliced fruits, prepare glasses and vintage straws, and you will have your guests completely conquered.

Handmade jars for food

Think of refreshing food to fight against the heat. And once you have made the party menu, design jars and containers to serve them. Yogurt or canning jars tuned by yourself with raffia, ropes and other details to personalise the food and confirm that the food is also presented in a visually appealing way.


Canned food with flowers

Flowers always give joy and colour to any space. And if you also put them in tin cans decorated by yourself with tops combined with other materials, what else can you ask for?

4 Steps to arrange the perfect summer party

To arrange a great party without too many complications, make sure you follow these 4 simple steps and you will not have to worry about anything else.

  1. Choose the menu

One of the most important parts of a party is food. Try to calculate it well so as not to miss or stay short. If you put too much food, you run the risk that the guests end up bloated and with the typical drowsiness after eating. And that does not invite much to create the party of the year.

You can choose some light food ideas like these, typical of summer:

* Potato omelette (one for every 4-5 people)

* Vegetable sandwiches (at least one per person)

* Canapés of cream cheese and smoked salmon (2-3 per person)

* Canapés of goat cheese, tomato and caramelised onion (2-3 per person)

* Grilled vegetables (to replace the typical barbecue of chops and burgers)

Also, always have bags of chips, snacks or various trinkets on hand. You can take them out if you see that people are still hungry.

  1. It’s not a summer party if you do not have homemade sangria

It’s summer, we’re relaxed and there’s nothing that feels better than a homemade sangria. This typical Spanish drink is delicious and is very refreshing.

To prepare it you will need, at least, red wine, orange juice, seasonal fruits, some liquor and many ice cubes. Here you will find several recipes to prepare great and original sangria. Another typical summer drink is a stuffed watermelon. It’s great, it’s fun to prepare and also to drink.

There are many variants of this drink, but basically what you will have to do is:

* Cut the watermelon to get a base and a lid

* Remove all the fruit from the watermelon

* Beat it to make a juice and mix that juice with the alcohol you prefer in the watermelon.

* Testing little by little, it is not going to be that you happen with the alcohol.

* Finally add ice and straws.

  1. Create a summer playlist

Music is also fundamental in a party. Think where you are going to play the music at your party and create a list of current songs mixed with classics from other years.

  1. Plan some fun games

You never know when the party is going to decline. If you see that the guests are getting bored, you can propose a game that entertains you. Try not to be too personal or committed so that nobody gets upset.

Post-it games, in which each person has written the name of a celebrity in a post-it placed on the forehead and has to guess, does not usually fail. To add excitement and avoid it gets boring, add time limit, for example 20 minutes. When that time passes you will have to change the game.

You can also buy the typical Hawaiian necklaces to set up a summer party with a tropical theme, ask your guests to wear a striped shirt so that the party is a marine theme.

If you follow these 4 steps you will surely have the summer party you want. Of course, remember that the most important thing is always the guests. Try to make them feel comfortable and encourage conversation between everyone.