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Food is every human’s primary need. But for some, it is also a luxury and an ever-growing business. The market keeps growing every day. Owners of a food service outlet or business know how essential food plating and presentation are. It represents the business and pulls in customers.


The pictures you put out are what speaks to potential customers and drives them. Food photography Sydney is a significant market. Presentation and food plating are as important as the taste of the food. The plate is going to be one big mess when a person is done eating anyway. However, we all know food plating and presentation is vital. Food plating creates an impression of the food and the business. You can sprinkle some creativity and top it up with several important rules of food plating when you present your food.


Things to Remember for The Best Capture


You may be a food business owner or a food photographer trying to improve. You might even be just a social media enthusiast who is looking for some extra likes on your post. Well, for all you people out there, we have put together some essential things to remember when you click pictures of your food. We have also included how to plate them and make them more presentable. Let us have a look at them in detail.


#1 Choose the right plate


Food plating starts with something as simple as selecting the plate. You need to make sure you have the right plate for the type of food you are trying to present. The right plate is the key to make your food more presentable and attractive. Imagine the plate as your canvas and the food to be the art. You being the artist, make sure you select the right canvas. A plate that is too big will look odd and empty; a plate too small will look cramped up. Make sure you have the right size and colour. Keep in mind that the colour of the plate will serve as the background. Keep it as per the food you are plating.


Usually, people choose complementary plate colours which go well with the food. Food photography Sydney and worldwide has white plates as the base.  White plates provide high contrast and also serve as a neutral background for our colourful creations. We get to utilise and play around with the white space and with the rim of the plate as the frame for your art.


#2 Placing the ingredients


There are several important aspects you have to keep in your mind while placing your food. There is a technique of plating food like a clock. To do this, picture the face of a clock. From your diner’s perspective, the protein on the plate should be placed between 3 and 9. Similarly, carbs and starch should be set from 9 to 12. Finally, the veggies should be placed from 12 and 3. This will give a distinct and clean view of the plate and will be neat and straightforward. Another important rule while plating is, using moist and runny ingredients of the food first. They should be used as the base. These ingredients tend to move around during delivery or while walking with the plate. So, make sure they are being held down. You can anchor these runny ingredients by placing food over them.


Another minute yet significant rule when it comes to plating is, always serve odd amounts of food. Very often, small foods like scallops or bite-sized appetisers like shrimp are served. These foods should be served in varying amounts. Doing this adds more visual appeal to the plate. This also makes the diner perceive that they’re getting more food.   Place your food in a way that it creates flavour bites. Make sure that the diner is easily able to combine all the ingredients in one bite. Not only does this increase the visual appeal, but it also makes the food tastier and more delicious. The robust and profound taste impresses the taste bud while the look pleases the eyes. However, try not to overcrowd. In order to perform well, many fill the plate making it look very clumsy. Find a focal point and ensure that the ingredients play a supporting role to it.


#3 Minor details matter


Before turning your plate into a picture, make sure that you pay very close attention to the minor details. These might seem very insignificant, but when you look at the end result, it does matter a lot. It takes tremendous efforts to take an impressive picture. Consider all the elements you are using in the plate and create a beautiful blend of colours. Keep it contrasting or plain in accordance with what the plate contains.


Create a beautiful background by throwing in some green veggies or fruits which are bright and serve as accent points. You can also try pairing up complementary colours which will serve as a visual treat. Another thing to keep in mind is the height of the plate. Food photography Sydney thrives on it. Make sure you always utilise the power of height. Though stacking ingredients isn’t very popular, it can serve as a great visual appeal. Balance out your taller ingredients by leaning flat or long items on them. You can also use texture to add more enhancements to your picture.


Design and create

Food photography Sydney does not only include the placement of food but goes beyond that. Once you have all the primary ingredients of the plate in place, play around with sauces. There are several delicious sauces in various colours. Do not carelessly splatter them all over your plate. It will do nothing but create a mess. Squeeze your bottle gently, imagine it to a paintbrush and enhance your dish. Make sure you only add a little so that the taste of the food is not interfered with. You can also use edible garnishes to design and create your plate. It will add a nice touch to the picture. Do not heap them in a corner but disperse them purposefully over the plate thereby adding more texture and colour to the plate.


#5 Invest and use the right tools


There are powerful plating kits which you can use to get the best results. You can try using decorating brushes, moulds, garnishing kits, plating wedges, squeeze bottles, shavers, and so on. Think of your picture though. Just like Food photography Sydney, visualize how you would want the end output to be. It’s is better than just experimenting with what you can grab at the moment. Plan ahead and prepare accordingly.


Keeping these five things in mind while placing food will surely help you click amazing and mouth-watering pictures. Happy clicking! If you are thinking about food photography in Sydney, Wolczak Photography is the best place for you.