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You are now planning one of the most anticipated days of your life, a time when you and your partner will celebrate your love with all your loved ones, so you have decided to have a wonderful luxury wedding and full of detail. But what do you need to get it? Where do we start? We give you some keys and useful tips for you to discover how to celebrate a luxury wedding in style.

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Planning steps


  1. The first step to organize your luxury wedding is to work on the guest list, because based on the number of attendees to this event you must choose fundamental aspects such as space, catering or the number of invitations. Remember that the size of the guest list will have nothing to do with the possibility of making a luxury wedding or not, because the reality is that a celebration of high standard has to do with quality and not with the number of attendees.


  1. Choose the place for your luxury wedding is essential, because this space should be ideal for the number of guests of your marriage, but also must be in perfect condition without decoration, this way you will know that you and your decorator will only have to work to turn that space into the place of your dreams and not to hide imperfections. One of the best options is to make your wedding in the party room of a luxury hotel, but there are many other alternatives, so it is important to evaluate the assorted options and choose the one that suits your needs.


  1. The food that will be served on your wedding day is one of the most essential elements when planning the celebration, and that is one of the material aspects in which you can best reflect the quality of your choices. Our recommendation is that you always choose fresh products and preferably from the season, that you try each dish you plan to serve and that you are advised by a group of specialists who, in addition to preparing a meal tailored to your needs, have an excellent service. In addition, there are other recommendations about catering to consider.


  1. Thinking about the drink that you will include in your luxury wedding is also a fundamental step, the options are varied you can choose champagne or sparkling quality for the toast, red and white wine for the party as well as a bar with recognized products so that your Guests can enjoy cocktails and a high standard liquor. As with food, the drink offers you a good opportunity to invest in quality to delight your guests and celebrate this special day with all the necessary luxury.


  1. To plan a luxury wedding you must surround yourself with the right professionals, among them one of the most important is the decorator, because along with him/her you will develop one of the most important aspects of this celebration: the visual. Together you should talk about what you want and imagine and put these ideas into practice so that you can have the wedding of your dreams. Always choose a professional of high standard with which you also have chemistry and you can understand, in this way you will get your wishes come true.


  1. Music is also an element that cannot be absent and that should reflect the personality of the couple, but also allow the party to remain animated and that all the guests can enjoy. Always choose a group of professionals and listen before hiring. Many providers offer the option of going to see them at a party. You can also choose a DJ or group that you have seen playing at a friend’s wedding and that you know has the qualities you need.


  1. If you want a luxury wedding, beautiful and ideal, do not forget to take care of every detail: choose the perfect invitations, the ideal space, the food, the drink, but above all surround yourself with a team of professionals who can advise you to make this day the event with which you have always dreamed and allow yourself to enjoy it with your partner with tranquillity and without tensions.


  1. And if you need some inspiration to plan your luxury wedding, you can search online for some pictures of luxurious weddings, there are many artists who have arranged spectacular birthday parties, you can get some ideas.


  1. If you are going to give room to the guests: make sure that all their services are taken care of in detail to be by and for each of the guests of your wedding, without missing anything of what you have planned. Relaxation and pampering are an added value in this space, that’s why there are different areas where before and after the wedding you can enjoy all: massages, rooms and private places without noise and without children for those who want more tranquillity. A touch of exclusivity that will give your link the unique touch you were looking for.

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