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Say goodbye to the old house and the neighbours, start a new life in unfamiliar terrain and handle all the tasks that come with the relocation process. Of everything related to the success of a removal, nothing affects us more than the packaging process.

As it is a task that sometimes seems impossible to address, packing the move is left for the last minute, which forces you to start frantically throwing things in the boxes. This is a terrible idea.

Packing a move properly is possibly the most important aspect of the entire transfer.

  • If the proper procedures to protect the items are not followed, they will end up having a variety of broken or unusable glasses, electronics and valuables.
  • If you do not have the time or patience to pack, it is best to hire a professional service that packs all the belongings.
  • If the budget is not enough to hire a total service, you can hire professionals to pack the most fragile, difficult or higher value.
  • Packing furniture, paintings, porcelain, glassware, electronics, paintings, paintings and other objects of art is the ideal task for professional packers.
  • Save money by packing the rest and do not compromise the safety of your most valuable belongings.


Here at Five Star Removals we will help you take your things to the new place and enjoy the feeling of safety provided by experienced professionals.

How to pack to move, advice of experts in moving

  1. Start as soon as possible: Ideally, a month before you get used to the idea that many things that do not serve you, you can give yourself away or donate to charities.

There are even things that you may wonder why you did not throw them away before. Now is a good time. If you have things of value that you will no longer use, a good strategy is to put them on sale online or to make an American fair in your home.

  1. Get the materials to pack the move: A week before, make the most fun of moving: buy a pistol and several PVC packing tapes, wide-tip markers and coloured labels for the boxes, ziploc bags of various sizes, bags waste with handles, packaging film, stapler, paper clips and packaging paper.

The latter is of the same material as the one used in newspapers, but in white, so that it does not stain your things. Also buy coloured tissue, plastic with bubbles, strong scissors or a knife to cut cardboard and a small notebook to write down.

Order supermarkets strong cardboard boxes, of all sizes, that are in excellent condition. If you do not get it, consider buying the special moving boxes.

  1. Go through the hardware store: if you do not have any tools in your house, buy a set of screwdrivers, cable seals and pincers to remove nails. You will need them to take out your paintings and objects that are on walls.
  2. Pack by space: A few weeks before, start packing what you do not need, rarely use or be out of season. Do it by room: do not mix things from one room with another. Sit with the boxes in one area of ​​the room and pack all the things in that area that are possible.

Then continue with another area and so on until you finish with the room and start with another.

  1. Boxes versus bags: Pack clothes and shoes in bags and suitcases. Leave the boxes for all other moving packaging. Do not forget to leave a suitcase to take with you all the things of trip: changes of clothes, objects of toilette, personal documentation, etc.

If the boxes are not in perfect condition, the moving company may ask you to replace it, as they will not want something to break down along the way.

  1. Books: Pack books in small boxes. Large boxes will be too heavy to move or will be loosened.
  2. Dishes and tableware: Prepare the boxes by putting a “bed” or paper base in the bottom. You can use a towel or tablecloth. Then place the plates vertically, like vinyl records. Separate them with wrapping paper. Glasses, cups and cups should be packed one by one, filling the interior space with paper.

Be careful to put the heaviest objects at the bottom of the box and the lightest up.

  1. Pictures and art objects: If the objects are small, you can pack them wrapped in bubble wrap and then packing film. Place them vertically in boxes and label them in red with a warning of fragility.

If the objects are large, you should pay the packing service and leave it to the removal company.

  1. Packing forever: or at least, so they stay in the new garage for a while. There are things you will not need to unpack for several months, such as some special tools, Christmas decorations, items for the pool or for snow.

Consider then buying good airtight plastic boxes and pack these things there so that they go straight to your new storage place.

  1. Powders and liquids: Consider discarding everything of low value.

For the rest of containers with liquids (cleaning, toilette, kitchen, etc.) seal the peaks or openings with adhesive film and packing tape. Perfumes, makeup and personal care products can be wrapped in film and stored in hermetic bags.

Paints and other liquid hardware should be in boxes with toxicity warning labels if necessary.

  1. Label everything: Once you fill the boxes and close them with packing tape, label them with different colour labels according to the room, or with order number. Describe on the label everything contained in the box, in detail, to facilitate the subsequent search. Label as “fragile” whatever and with arrows the face that should remain up.
  2. Appliances and electronics: Look if you have kept the original packaging, that will make things much easier. If possible, leave the professionals the task of uninstalling and packing large appliances.

Televisions and desktop computers should also be packed by professionals. A small mistake can make these objects unusable. If you are going to pack your TV, take a picture to the back so you know how the cables and connections are articulated. All connections and attachments save them separately.

Clean the TV, any particle can scratch the screen. Ideal if you have the original box, if not, cover the TV and, most importantly, store it in a box vertically, if you leave it on the screen can be crushed or damaged, is very sensitive.

Here at Five Star Removals we protect your belongings.