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Having an aquarium is simple and does not need great care, but we must be aware of the small ecosystem we have created in our home. The type of fish tank has to be adapted to the fish that are going to inhabit it. The type of fish tank has to be adapted to the fish that are going to inhabit it

When buying an aquarium, we must take into account what kind of fish we are going to have, according to this, the characteristics of the aquarium must be one way or another. Therefore, today we will explain what conditions, maintenance and what type of accessories aquariums and / or fish tanks should have for greater stability of the fish.

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Types of aquariums depending of the type of fish

When we create an aquarium, we really create an ecosystem. We reproduce special conditions of water quality, light, temperature … that mimic an area of ​​nature. If we wanted to classify the places of nature where there are fish of an aquarium there are many classifications, according to the type of fish we want. The fish tank and aquarium that are most common when having it in a house is the tropical freshwater aquarium. It is economical and simple at the time of maintenance. They can be specific or community, depending on the species we want to introduce. The most demanded are the Asian aquarium full of algae, plants, dry wood, the South American, soft and acidic waters, the African with scarce plants and alkaline and hard waters.

Tropical, Asian, South American and African are the main options when creating an ecosystem in an aquarium

Accessories required for aquariums

Let us not fall into the failure that technology guarantees greater success as far as aquariums are concerned. There are very complete aquariums with minimal technical instruments and others, despite being equipped with sophisticated devices have a decayed appearance. Proper maintenance is more important in controlling water, temperature and light, than having complex devices, which in many cases make it difficult to maintain.

A fish tank needs care, especially at the level of light, temperature and water A fish tank needs care, especially at the level of light, temperature and water

Even so, there are different good accessories for maintenance:

– Lighting: The right light, both in intensity and in time, is of great importance for the optimal growth of the plants and for the welfare of the fish. So ominous can be an excess of light as its lack. The time in which the light is used must be between 10 and 12 hours.

– The filter: This one has in the aquarium and the fish tanks, the function of avoiding the presence of large materials in suspension in the water, creates current, balances the temperature between the layers of water that are formed and above all, transforms the organic waste in non-toxic minerals. An erroneous filtration can cause the fish to die, the plants do not grow and the aquarium is filled with algae. The size of the filter should be in accordance with the density that fish and plants occupy. In general, a filter that filters the volume of the aquarium in litres per water may be suitable.

– Heaters: In most aquariums, tropical fish and plant species are raised whose optimum temperature values ​​are above what is usual in the rooms of our home. The necessary additional heat can be supplied by heating systems that can be purchased at specialised stores.

– Water treatment and improvement: When the drinking water in an urban area is not correct, they no longer adjust to the vital needs of the fish and therefore it is necessary to treat them. This treatment is as simple as an osmosis device (membrane that moves water without energy expenditure).

– Fertilisation with CO2: CO2 is the largest fertiliser of plants and one of those responsible for the acidity of the aquarium. The need for CO2 depends on the number of plants and fish, the intensity of the light, the temperature, the movement of the water and the desired acidity.

Prohibited accessories in aquariums and fisheries

In aquariums we can introduce almost everything, experts state, the limits are good taste and the certainty that the accessory will not release toxic substances to the water. When we talk about toxic, we include any substance that alters the balance of water and the life of the fish.

The use of rocks in the aquarium, very appropriate to decorate and give an environment of marine nature to the fish, we have to take into account that not all are valid. Marble and sandstone, for example, should be avoided in aquariums and aquariums of acidic water. An advice that experts explain to identify calcareous rocks is to pour a few drops of vinegar in it, if an effervescence occurs it is calcareous. As an example of neutral rocks, which would not be a problem if we intoxicated them in an aquarium, they would be slate, basalt and volcanic rocks.

Marble and sandstone are not recommended for aquariums marble and sandstone are not recommended for aquariums

One way not to risk, is to buy the products in specialised stores, so we will have the certainty of how their maintenance results once you enter all the materials and that does not harm the quality of the water and the fish.

Cleaning the aquarium

An aquarium with complete maintenance, just needs the intervention of the caretaker. In less than 30 minutes per week we can control how our ecosystem is going. Some basic tips for proper maintenance of the aquarium would be to control the filters, the light and the temperature of the aquarium, distribute the food in two daily batches, to ensure that it will be consumed in minutes and there will be no food left over and renew each week one part of the water, between 10% and 30% of the volume of the aquarium.

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